4th of July Playlist from The Plumbing Info #15

4th of July Playlist
A little battered but strong

4th of July Playlist – The Plumbing Info Playlist #15

4th of July Playlist
A little battered but strong

I think its appropriate to celebrate our great country on the 4th of July. For all of it’s flaws the good ole U.S. of A. is still the greatest place to be. So I put together some of my favorite songs about America. I will warn you now, they are all over the place, rock and roll, new wave, pop, rap and of course country all represent in this playlist. This shouldn’t surprise anyone my tastes are rather eclectic. One thing it does, is it shows how diverse we are and it’s the diversity that makes us who we are in America. Enjoy this 4th of July Playlist and have a safe and happy 4th of July. Hopefully you have the day off.


All Over America 4th of July 2014 – Playlist #15

1.)  Living in America – James Brown – Hint: Apollo Creed dancing in the ring with a sweet top hat. The Rocky “We Can

4th of July Playlist
Livin in America

Change” speech at the end of this movie is a cinematic masterpiece………..shade

2.)  Born in the U.S.A.- Bruce Springsteen – I’ll bet all of you thought you could get through this list without Born in the U.S.A.? No dice. It’s impossible and although I’m not a huge “Boss” fan this is a song they will be listening to in 200 hundred years if we are still here.

3.)  Fly Over States – Jason Aldean – Aldean is one of those artists that speaks directly to me and I love this song no matter how many times I here it. This is such a unique perspective. I’ve caught myself at times in my life thinking “how can people live here in this small town” Fortunately I’ve been blessed with being able to hang out in a small town over the last 15 years and sometimes I think small town America has it figured out.

4.)  Kids in America – Kim Wilde – When I looked this song up it came up on the Very Best of Kim Wilde album……….You know where I’m going.

5.)  American Boy – Estelle and Kanye West – Great tune, great groove.

6.)  American Girl – Tom Petty – See how I did that and how the genres are so opposite? Oh whatever, I’m so clever.

7.)  America – Simon & Garfunkel – This one is deep. I don’t think it matters what generation kids grow up in, there will always be a sense of being a bit lost. The only issue is that this round of kids is still lost at 25 to 30.

8.)  Everyday America – Sugarland – A nice song

9.)  American Bad Ass – Kid Rock – Kid Rock at his best. Strohs beer, cheap whiskey, white trash hillbillies and a ton of

4th of July Playlist
Hell Yeah!

swearing. I happen to love it.

10.) Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus – Yes I have a Miley Cyrus song on my list because I am very comfortable with my metro side and this song makes you wanna throw your hands up in the air and wave all around like you just don’t care.

11.) American Idiot – Green Day – Sorry, I had to throw in a little American angst. I wonder Billy Joe would like Bush back, I know I would.

12.) American Pie – Don McLean – This was one of my first favorite songs in my life. I used to sit in front of my dad’s counsel stereo with earphones and listen to this song over and over again. Madonna had to screw it all up.

13.) God Bless the USA – Various – Just because

14.) America – Neil Diamond – Nothing can ever rid my memory of Neil Diamond rocking a red silk shirt unbuttoned to the belly button with an impressive tuft of chest hair; that’s America friends.

4th of July Playlist
You know he opened that shirt later!


Have a great holiday weekend everyone. If you’re gonna blow shit up please make sure you have a long enough wick. Be safe and come back next week when I regain my senses.




Sean Kavanaugh


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