Who Doesn’t Want A Cool New Shower Head?

Several years ago we did a review of over 30 ECO or green showerheads which you can view right here. Some were great and some not so much. The following are quite a bit more fun and some use cutting edge tech right in your shower. So whether you want to use the force or brag because even your shower has technology read along. You’ll get a bit of both.

#1 Nebia Shower HeadsFull Res - Nebia Full Spray

via: Science Alert

This one is a game changer. If you haven’t seen it on every major news outlet click the link above. It boasts using 70% less water. Let’s see how well it rinses conditioner out of my daughter’s hair.

#2 OaSense Shower Heads

Picture of OaSense Automatic shower head

via: Treehugger

I love products that take existing technology and apply it to new products to save on development costs. OaSense does just that; it incorporates the same tech you’ll find in an automatic flushometer or faucet. You step under the shower head and it turns on and if you step out it turns off. Pretty simple and you’re saving precious water.

#3 Hydrao Smart Shower Head

Hydrao Smart shower head with blue LED

via: Science Alert

This is really cool tech. The Hydrao Smart shower head tracks the amount of water you use and flashes a different color as you use more water kind of giving you a nudge to finish up. Its got a companion app for Android and iOS so you can track how much water you’re using. If you want to really piss off your teen buy these for all the showers.

#4 Waterpik SideWinder Shower Head

Picture of Sidewinder Shower head with hand showing adjustment

via: WaterPik

This is one of those inventions that you wonder how in the heck someone didn’t think of it sooner. It’s a conventional showerhead on an auto-locking arm so you can adjust it to different heights. Simple tech used in an ingenious way.

#5 ZenFresh See-Thru Water Filter Shower Head


via: Amazon

I will admit I am a sucker for packaging, it’s see-thru it has magic negative ion and dechlorination beads and I’m totally in.

#6 Star Wars Shower Heads


via: Babyology

Space BallsI know most of the descriptions if this shower head have something to do with using “The Force” but I refuse. These are pretty cool and I would think mostly for the kid who can’t get enough Star Wars. I’d say if you’re an adult and you want these in your shower you probably dress up like Princess Leia or Han Solo and do the convention tour. May the Schwartz be with you.

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