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Weird Plumbing Term We Use to Define Our Industry

I’ve been in the plumbing industry for 21 years now and it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately they aren’t always good gifts but some of them are pretty funny. What if I asked you to give me a word to describe a non sanitary condition as it relates to plumbing. What would 75% of the English speaking population of the world say right off the top of there head? Unsanitary right? It would be insane to give anything different right? I mean there are synonyms but would you believe that the word INSANITARY is also a word to describe a potentially unhealthy plumbing situation. Here are some examples of “Insanitary” conditions.

  1. A cross connection between potable water and non potable water.

    Weird Plumbing Term

    Looks Insanitary to me!

  2. Plumbing Fixtures that are untrapped.
  3. A septic field that is installed too close to the potable water supply
  4. A broken or improperly installed vent line that allows sewer gas to enter into living spaces.
  5. I hose that is threaded on to the end of a service sink faucet that has no vacuum breaker.

Those are just a few unsanitary and insanitary conditions that help define the word.

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Its a nutty industry to be sure but it’s ours. Enjoy!



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