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Lots of New Plumbing Content and Regular Contributors

Hello all, thanks to all of my loyal readers, we know we haven’t been as active lately, but that is about to change BIG TIME. We are now a full time site. No more hobbies, we are committed to giving you the very best information on plumbing for the consumer and business owner alike from industry experts. Our goal has always been to be a place for a consumer to check out a new line of plumbing fixtures or to be a place for a new plumbing professional to check how to estimate a job. We will be better than ever at both.

The Business of Plumbing has Changed

PlumbingThe plumbing industry has changed quite drastically over the last 5 years. There are a ton of long time plumbing contractors in all states that just couldn’t weather a 5 to 7 year storm. However, because of the storm and the attrition of contractors out there, many new plumbing contractors have sprung up around the U.S. When we open up the PHCC directory for the United States and Canada it no longer looks the same. Some are still there but many “old timers” are just gone. Some will say it’s just the natural culling out of businesses no different then any other recession and there is some truth to it but a rather disturbing trend is starting to rise up from the ashes of former businesses. The highly trained unemployed or underemployed are starting to open their own “businesseses”. What was once a side business is now a real business with real issues. Issues that all of us business owners have faced.

Good Information for New Plumbing Businesses

We want to be a bed rock of good information for these new fledgling contractors. If you don’t know about a business aspect of the business please ask. We know you know how to do plumbing it’s the other stuff, the stuff that helps your business survive and grow that you might not know about. Most business owners have too much pride to ask, to admit you know nothing about the back end of the business shows weakness and us plumbers are anything but weak….right?

That brings us to a point, we all need exceptional mentor-ship if we are to survive. One of our new contributors is an expert in the accounting end of the mechanical contracting business, because just like Hair Club for Men, he is not only a highly decorated CPA but he was also the owner of several plumbing firms as well. It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Randal Dehart with Fast Easy Accounting www.fasteasyaccounting.com.

Quick Books and the Plumbing Contractor

You can check out his bio in the Contributors section but suffice to say he is an accountant and a Quick Books expert extraordinaire. He makes Quick Books sing for it’s supper and that’s a good thing because we know Quick Books is a powerful tool but at times can be frustrating for contractors.

Image of Intuit Quickbooks Certification Badges

Granted permission to use by Randal Dehart


So if you’re new to the site welcome and if you’re a salty old reader welcome back. Stay tuned for a new look, new content on the latest in kitchen and bath trends, “how to” pieces and some great stuff on how to run your business. Because as Randal says you deserve to succeed and to make a comfortable living if you’ve worked hard and done the right thing in business.



Sean Kavanaugh

Content Director


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