Are We Boring You with Our Kitchen & Bath Show Favorites? Part 3

Pulse "Kihei" Shower Tower
Pulse "Kihei" Shower Tower

Affordable Luxury With Pulse Shower Spas

Before we start I guess it’s only right if we explain what a shower panel is, a shower panel

Pulse “Aloha” Simple Two Spray Tower

is a plumbing fixture that mounts on the wall that houses the water supply. These panels are typically pre-piped to include a stationary shower head, a hand held shower and between two (2) and six (6) body sprays. They are very handy when you want a custom feeling shower but you don’t want to tear the heck out of the shower to install in wall bodies sprays and the like.

Shower towers or shower panels have been around for quite some time in fact Jacuzzi’s J-Shower Tower was one of the first. However the J-Shower panel and the rest that followed were down right expensive to the tune of 2K plus. There are still plenty of companies that make shower towers or panels but I think that because of their cost consumers are more apt to take the walls down and pipe in what they want.

That is why I love what Pulse is doing for the consumer. If you have an existing valve and you want one of their simple units, you use your existing valve, mount the unit to the wall and connect it by using the water supply servicing the shower head. If you are looking to install a more complex unit, one that covers an existing valve minor modifications have to be made however all installation can be done outside the wall and all piping can be 1/2″.

Pulse "Kihei" Shower Tower
Pulse “Kihei” Shower Tower
Pulse “Mojave” Shower Tower

Did I mention the fact that these are very affordable? What do I mean by affordable? I haven’t been able to find one for over $800.00. You get quite a bit of style and functionality less than 1K and most are around $500.00. If you are wishing you had some spa type function in your current shower without breaking the bank and destroying your bathroom in the process give Pulse a look.

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