How to Clean Shower Head Holes the Right Way

Over time, showerheads can start to build up mineral deposits, which then can clog up the holes. This buildup can cause numerous problems like:

  • Clogs
  • Low water flow
  • Poor water pressure
  • Water spraying at odd angles

On instinct, you may think that the best option is to replace your entire shower head to get everything in working order again. However, usually, you only need to do a bit of cleaning to get your water running as it should. Try these different methods to get your shower back in working shape!

Method One: Clean the Nozzle

Some shower heads have rubber nozzles. Thanks to their flexibility, these shower heads are very easy to clean. By rubbing your finger against the hole, you can dislodge any buildup without any hassle, giving you a clean shower head in no time. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub at the holes. You don’t need to use too much pressure for this method.

Method Two: Soaking the Shower Head

When there’s more buildup than what is easily accessible with brushing or you don’t have a rubber nozzle, you can instead soak the shower head c. You can soak the shower head while it’s still connected to the pipe or by removing it.

As for what you soak it in, a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water will do the trick. You want to avoid using any abrasive chemicals that may damage the shower head, as many shower cleaners can do.

If you chose to remove the shower head, you should soak it in a container filled with vinegar. If you don’t want to bother with the removal process, you can instead fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around the shower head with a rubber band, a twist tie, or tape.

You’ll want to soak your shower head for at least an hour, but you can leave it be for longer than that. After you remove the shower head from the vinegar, take time to rinse it out thoroughly with hot water before you use it to take a shower. This process will clear out any traces of vinegar and clear away any buildup.

If you successfully clean out the shower head holes, but you’re still having trouble with your water flow, you may need to clean out the filter screen. You can do this by removing your shower head from the pipe and rinsing out the filter.

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