Read This Costco Water Ridge Toilet Review Before Making a Purchase

Updated 02/2018. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you aren’t going to be short on options. However, that isn’t always such a good thing. If you want to narrow your search quickly, read the following Costco Water Ridge toilet review. These toilets will be extremely easy on your budget. The question is, will you be flushing that money down the toilet?

If Water Ridge isn’t your cup of tea or you don’t have a Costco membership here is a list of other toilets we recommend:

Water Ridge Toilets and Parts Are Sold Exclusively at Costco

Water Ridge toilets are part of the Globe Union brand. This means you’ll find water ridge toilet parts exclusively at Costco. If you go on Amazon, you can find a Water Ridge faucet with ease. However, the majority of this company’s products are only sold at Costco, as they contract out their manufacturing.

They’re not technically “Costco toilets,” though. Globe Union has them made by Milim G&G Ceramics Co. Ltd., which has the work done in China. While the savings of purchasing a Costco Water Ridge toilet are definitely appealing, just know that you’ll also have to go to them in the future for many of your replacement parts (should you need any). If the store near you is out, you’ll have to place an order for them.

Again, though, Costco has a reputation for affordable prices and quality products. Therefore, this shouldn’t be too big of a concern. Furthermore, they’re well known for customer support. People have told stories elsewhere online about asking for help and having detailed instructions emailed to them. Thanks to this awesome support, they were able to skip paying for a professional.

The Costco Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet

The Water Ridge Dual flush toilet comes with the following features:

  • Two-piece construction.
  • Soft close toilet seat.
  • Elongated bowl.
  • 3-inch flush valve.
  • ADA height of 17 inches at the rim.
  • Dual flush (1.1 and 1.6 gallons) with chrome push button at the top.
  • Wax ring, floor bolts, braided hose, and bolt caps.

The Costco Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet

The Costco Water Ridge 1-Piece Elongated Toilet

Next, let’s continue our Costco Water Ridge toilet review with the 1-piece model. Aside from its singular construction, the only other major difference with this one is that it has an insulated tank. This feature prevents condensation from forming around the outside.

As for its construction, it’s slightly bigger. This also means it’s going to be a bit more expensive. On the other hand, once again, given that this is essentially a Costco product, your budget shouldn’t suffer too much.

The Flushing Performance of These Costco Toilets

The main reason you’re probably reading this Costco Water Ridge Toilet review is simply because there’s not a lot of information about this product online. In fact, you can’t even find these toilets on Costco’s official website.

Fortunately, MaP has tested the toilets and their ancillary features. In case you’re not familiar with the site, MaP carries out flush testing on toilets. Their recommended range is between 600 and 1,000g. All of the Water Ridge toilets MaP has tested have had scores of 800 or 1,000g. As a result, our products of interest for today are well within the recommended range.

Obviously, that’s not the only feature you need to concern yourself with, though. Therefore, the last stop on this Water Ridge toilet review will be to address two minor issues you’ll see brought up online.

Reported Minor Issues with the Water Ridge Toilet

If you continue researching Water Ridge toilets after this Costco Water Ridge toilet review, you’ll find that there are two issues people tend to bring about them.

Parts for your Water Ridge toilet:

Costco Water Ridge Toilet Is Lightweight

The first is simply that they tend to be very lightweight when compared to other toilets of the same size. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When considered alongside their affordable prices, though, Water Ridge toilets often seem too good to be true for many homeowners.

Costco Water Ridge Toilet Makes “Leaking” Noises

However, you won’t find any major complaints about them online. This absence should tell you something. The only other issue you’ll see in a Water Ridge toilet review is that you may hear a “leaking” noise after a few months of use. This is just water slowly draining into the bowl – not an actual leak on your floor.

If this happens, all you need to do is remove the cover and adjust your Water Ridge toilet float. On some models, they have a tendency to slip down over time, which ultimately ends with them pressing on the cistern’s buttons and initiating minor flushes when the cover is put on. That’s what makes the leaking sound.

Given the price of Water Ridge toilets, those are hardly the types of problems you’d expect. As we mentioned at the beginning, if Costco sells them, there’s probably a good reason for it.

plumbing tools and copper pipes on large house plan

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From the moment we started to construct this site, w wanted to write a piece on how a plumbing estimate is put together. We aimed not at a small residential repair project but a full scale, multi-phased plumbing project. Although you can certainly use the methods we are going to discuss for any project size, this is definitely geared towards a larger job, say 15K and up.

Final Word

Overall, this Costco Water Ridge toilet review should be classified as a positive one. They’re easy to install, low maintenance, affordable, yet, despite all that, very high quality. As Costco toilets aren’t always in stock, if you want one, you should inquire at your nearest location immediately. Be prepared to make your purchase right away if they have them in.

If Water Ridge isn’t your cup of tea here is a list of other toilets we recommend:

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    1. Plumbing parts I’m assuming? The home centers usually have enough to get home projects covered. If you want access to what a plumber has access to find your local plumbing supply house. Believe me they love cash customers. You may pay a premium but they are usually super knowledgable.

    2. Only after a year, the fill value failed. Since it has a 5 year warranty, I called the 866 number and apparently the part is known to fail so they are sending me a replacement.

      1. Would you please tell me the 866 number – I have lost a file – again and have a toilet flushing every few minutes

  1. About three years ago we purchased water ridge toilet from Costco in ottawa Ontario and two years later the so called chrome push button on top has no more chrome on it it’s all pealing and it looks awful I don’t know how there’s warranty for this toilet but I’m not very happy I may go out and get another toilet that is better and does not peel of the chrome

    1. Have you not bought many items at Costco? I have NEVER had a problem with Costco either replacing or giving superb instructions on how to fix the ‘offending’ item. Last year, I bought a Classic Accessories pontoon boat from Costco, but after not using it, beyond taking it all apart to ensure all the parts were there, 8 months had passed & I did not have the receipt. I’d bought it online and somewhere a printout of the purchase exists. I called & told them about the non-use situation & no receipt. I was told to just get it to the parking lot & store personnel will help me load the now almost nonexistent box it came in. Presto change-o, I was helped load it on a flat, taken in tow to the return line & given cash back, every cent, including the tax. I was not at all surprised. I’ll bet your nearest Lowe’s will have a replacement flush rod & button. The toilet is not poorly made. I might consider that you sound more critical than the “problem” warrants. JMHO.

  2. Does this toilet come with written installation instructions and/or is there u-tube video showing the installation. I am very much an amateur, having never installed a toilet before

  3. Great one piece toilet. Purchased three of them. Works great and if you need parts call the 1-866 number. These toilets have plenty of power. You won’t be disappointed especially when you have a five year warranty

  4. I bought the one piece toilet early this year. I like everything about it and have nothing negative to report.

    It is one piece, so it is easier to keep clean. No seams and crevasse to get stinky.
    It is higher which is kinder to old knees.
    It has a lid and seat that slowly close without a sound.
    It flushes quieter then most toilets. I work in a lot of hotels with different brand toilets and have notice that very few as quiet.
    It does the job it is supposed to do. I have tested it to the max and the 1.1 gal flush has never failed to remove everything solid, even 90+% of the peanut butter streaks.

    My only disappointment is after a month trial period, I returned to Costco to buy 3 more for my home and they were gone. I have not seen them since.

    My previous toilet was a stylish low profile one piece Kohlar. It looked nice and was an expensive toilet in its day. However it rarely emptied everything with a single flush and each flush was 3+ gallons. Now I often go from my bedroom downstairs to the Water Ridge just to save water.

    I have not had to service it but figure if I could not get parts, Costco would take it back.

  5. I watched a you tube video of a man who installed a Costco and one of the comments said “I bought 3 of them and all of them need multiple flushes. I would not recommend them”. And if you need to replace the parts of the toilet can you get those part only at Costco?

  6. We have just bought our 2nd Water Ridge toilet from Costco and they’re great. With our new one tho, altho we’ve only had it 4 months, we just can’t get the seat tightened and it keeps sliding almost off. It was installed by a plumber so, we don’t know if we should contact him or you folks for help.
    Thanks for any info you can send.

    Pat Lidstone

  7. I have one about 6 months old and it has started to leak some where along and wants to fill up about every 5 minutes. Got to try a resolve and will post another review later.

    1. There is no visible leak? No water on the floor? If not then the most likely you have a small leak from the flapper that is draining the water from your tank.


      1. There is no “flapper”. These toilets have a proprietary fill valve and dump release valve. They both have a high failure rate and leak but there is a lifetime warranty backed by Costco. Just call the phone number listed on the sticker inside the tank.

    1. We’re you able to get a new lid? If so how did you track one down? We have four of these in our house and have had no issue except that one needs a new lid.

  8. Easy to install. Solid and stable to our tile flooring. Flushes well. I really like the seat that doesn’t fall freely to clank on the base. I recommend this purchase. We’ve had it about a month with no issues.

  9. I”m reading all the good reviews and that’s great. It’s making me think i got a bad one. if i even think about putting anything other than more liquid in it,, it clogs up. I’ve had it for two weeks now and almost every time, it clogs if you put anything in it. I’m bummed. If i can’t find an adjustment to fix this,, i’m gonna have to return it.

    1. There are certainly mixed reviews. Mostly good but enough bad to make you take pause. If there is nothing in the toilet i.e. a kids toy, feminine waste products etc. you make have gotten a defective toilet. There may be a section of the trap that isn’t glazed properly or maybe there is a burr in the china that is causing waste to catch. I would remove it and get a new one. Costco is pretty liberal with their returns.

    2. I would be suspicious of the install in this case. I have seen wax rings misaligned or doubled-up that cause this problem. I would try a removal and reinstall with a new wax ring and make sure the old wax ring is removed completely (including any integrated plastic funnels). Wax rings are $2. The reinstall is a bit of a pain, but not difficult and you may just save yourself a trip. You would have to remove the toilet to return it anyway, so not too much loss there. The main trick to installing a toilet is to apply the wax ring to the outlet on the toilet, not the fitting on the floor and lower it carefully onto the properly-positioned bolts. Even some plumbers don’t seem to understand this. Good luck.

  10. Question:
    I have two Water Ridge one piece elongated toilets similar to the one in the picture at top. A contractor doing tile work in bathrooms used the toilet seats as work benches and totally wrecked them. Where can I get new matching toilet seats for them??

    1. I assume they are elongated? They should take any standard round front or elongated replacement toilet.

      1. Not so much. Tried 3 different ones from big box home center. Although they measure 18.5” like standard elongated toilet, they are shot by about an inch. The big problem is mounting holes in standard replacements don’t line up. Toilet bolt holes are about 1/2” on each side are farther apart.

        1. OK so here is what you need to do. You have to replace the closet flange with an offset closet collar to get you closer. This will take care of both issues, you’ll be able to mount the new toilet because the bolt pattern will be the same and you’ll get closer to the wall. This should work

        2. OK so here is what you need to do. You have to replace the closet flange with an offset closet collar to get you closer. This will take care of both issues, you’ll be able to mount the new toilet because the bolt pattern will be the same and you’ll get closer to the wall. This should work

    2. C55011243-GBG1 is the seat. They are $85.85 each. Please call us to order. We have one here because this is a new item that we do not have listed online yet.



      PH: 865-377-3663

  11. Our contractor bought and fixed a one piece water ridge toilet for our newly renovated bathroom last Dec, I noticed that the chrome finished holders that are fixed holding up the toilet seat have begun to rust. Will Costco replace these parts? I don’t have the receipt.

    1. To my knowledge these seat hinges are not proprietary. You should be able to go to any home center and buy a new set of hinges.

  12. If I was looking for a new toilet I would not buy a water ridge toilet again. Costco did replace one for me after 3 yrs and the replacement now is 4 yrs old and it is now giving me trouble. Also one of the fist ones that I purchased 8 yrs ago also has to be replaced or new parts put in. My toilets are not the only ones that are a problem as I have seen 3 toilet returned to Costco from one person.

  13. I purchased 2 one piece water ridge toilets last year both of them sound as if they are running all the time. There is no visible water running down the back of the toilet but since this has happened our water bill has increase. There are no videos online now to fix the type of insides our toilet has. Can anyone please help it says on the toilet it is a NOC22148C.

    1. I would try changing out the flapper. It’s strange that both are doing the same thing.

  14. I simply want a plunger that will fit the unusually shaped whole in the bottom to unclog the toilet. Where can I get one?

  15. Just called the 866 number and had a pleasant experience speaking to a representative regarding our Costco toilet making a strange noise after flushing. He asked for model number (told me where to locate under tank lid) and asked how long ago we purchased it. After making some notes he then asked contact and shipping information so a new fill valve could be sent to us. Awesome! So pleased with Costco in every way.

  16. We purchased one of the Water Ridge toilets about 2 years ago. We’ve been having issues with an unlevel floor and had a handyman come fix the floor but damaged it so much we had to replace and level the subflooring and tile. The toilet was still not level. Turns out the toilet was uneven by 1/2” on one side. If you buy one of these toilets you need to make sure it’s level. Cost us almost $1800 to figure this out!

    1. Wow, that is unfortunate. In fact, I’ve never seen a defect so drastic. This is the way to do it. Run a level across the toilet flange, if that is level, place the level front to back and side to side. If those are both level and your toilet is still uneven it’s the toilet and not the floor or flange.

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