DIY – Make Your Toilet Green with HydroRight

If you’re a plumbing contractor and haven’t heard about this product you’ve been hiding in a box and if you’re a homeowner and you haven’t seen or heard of the HydroRight green flushing system you’ll want to read on. This is absolutely the easiest, fastest and most economical way to do your part to go green.HydroRight

The very first MJSI product was the HydroClean fill valve which is a great product by itself however the HydroRight Dual Flush system has garnered several prestigious awards including 2010 Chicago Innovation Award competition, and was a first runner up in the Merchandising Innovation Award given by The Home Depot and in 2009 it won the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award and the Retailers Choice award.HydroRight

With all of the great press and reviews these products were receiving I couldn’t help myself, I had to call to ask about the products, about the company. To my humble surprise the Owner and founder Mr. Michael Schuster was nice enough to get back to me so I could give our readers a bit of insight on the MJSI product line.

Just a bit of information to segue into the first question, Michael and his family had been in the plumbing service business for years before Michael decided his passion for plumbing was taking him in a different direction and MJSI was born.

1) You came from the plumbing contracting side of the business, what gave you the inspiration to start tinkering with flush valves?

About 95% of our plumbing business was repair. After replacing thousands of flappers and fill valves every year I realized the inefficiency in both design and performance.

2) How long did it take you to develop your first product?

The first product was a toilet fill valve called HydroClean R. The first patent was filed in 2000 then patented and prototyped in 2001. The first feature was the cleaning tube at the bottom of the tank (this cleans the tank, prevents the slime build-up on the flapper and detects leaks). I did a few tradeshows, received feedback added many more features (Smart Nut, Float Lock, ¼ turn locking height adjustment and mini-valve). I spent 2 years developing these additional features then a few more years building getting the right people in place. Then HydroRight TM product first hit the market in 2006.

3) I’m sure you’re aware of all of the trouble manufacturers had with 1.6 GPF toilets. How did you test the product to make sure it had acceptable flushing power?

The HydroRight adjusts to use the same amount of water on the full flush, so the flush power is not compromised. The savings occurs in the quick flush for liquids and paper. The industry standard is 4 out of 5 flushes are liquid and paper (i.e. 80% of use wastes water). The HydroRight was independently tested in 1.6 gallon toilets by both IAPMO and Veritec Consulting. They HydroRight is one of a select few that has received the GREEN listing from IAPMO and the first to receive IAPMO’s new PS-50-2010 standard. Besides, lab testing, the HydroRight has proven performance and efficiency in a real world in a study conducted by Veritec Consulting (co-developer of MaP toilet performance testing), Equity Residential (largest apartment owner in the US), Moen and MJSI. This study proves the HydroRight was able to reduce the total indoor water use by 30% (in “efficient” 1.6 toilets). MaP is the pioneer in toilet testing.

4) Did you start out with just one product.HydroRight

We started with the HydroClean toilet fill valve.

5) What other products do you offer. What sets them apart from other similar products on the market?

  • HydroClean – proven in another Veritec study to reduce indoor water use in a condo building by 36% (in 3.5 gallon toilets).
  • Mini-Valve TM-Basically every fill valve sold is designed to work in (virtually) every toilet made (i.e. the fill valves are designed to refill the largest toilet bowls). Typically the toilet bowl fills faster than the tank and the excess water runs out the back (weir) of the trap. Every 15 seconds the tank is filling and the water in the bowl is rippling 1 quart of water is wasted. This water does nothing for the flush and is a blatant waste. HydroClean’s patented mini-valve that allows you to adjust the amount of water going back to the toilet bowl.
  • Smart Nut R – Holds the fill valve in the tank allowing it to install without HydroRighttools…patented nut clicks like a gas cap.
  • ¼ turn Adjustment Nut – Adjust height while valve is installed in the tank and locks back in with patented ¼ turn.
  • Float Lock TM – Allows the valve to be shut off (inside the tank) during maintenance or vacations.
  • J-Tube TM – All fill valves fill from the left side of the tank, pushing the rust and sediment to right side of the tank. Often causing iron bacteria and sediment build up. The Right side of the tank sets stagnant (this is why the slime builds up on the flapper over time (creating leaks). Now rather than just filling the tank the fill valve has more purpose and uses the water pressure to clean the tank preventing and detecting leaks. All fill valves are anti-siphon, and air accumulates inside the valve while it is in the off position. The HydroClean redirects the air bubbles through the jets, to send an audible alert when the flapper leaks.
  • HydroForce – an adjustable flapper that fits a full range of toilets including 1.6 HydroRightGPF, 3.5 GPF and larger.

6) Do you have anything new and exciting on the horizon that you would like to share with us?
Some of our next products will focus on further improvements to the dual flush system.

7) How much has the company grown in the last 4 years?

We have tripled in size over the past 2 years.

I like to take the time to thank Michael Schuster for his time and cooperation and thank you to MJSI’s marketing team for the pictures and video you see above.

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