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I’m going to teach you how to make a brilliant Valentine’s day gift. It’s real easy to make and creative.  You’re going to need three things for this do it yourself project.

1.) A Toilet Seat. Go to your local Home Depot or hardware store and buy a white toilet seat.
valentine's day gift

2.) While you’re there buy some gold metallic spray paint. You can use any colors for this project, but I’ll highly suggest you to use gold.

valentine's day gift


3.)  The last item that you will need for this project is a black frame that the toilet seat will fit in.  My suggestion is to get a thin black frame as the toilet seat will stand out and give our gift a minimalist look to it.

valentine's day gift

The steps to create this project go as followed.

1.) Spray the toilet seat gold with the spray paint.
2.) Let it dry.
3.) Place the toilet seat in the middle of the frame and above the toilet seat write, “The Princess sits here.” I would suggest you to use a black marker.
4.) Frame it and wrap it in gift wrap before giving it away to your significant other.

valentine's day gift

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