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Kitchen and Bath Show or Bust Round 2 – Be One of a Kind with Premier Copper Products

What would a kitchen and bath show be without some copper and by now most of us in the plumbing and design world have seen some type of hammered

Kitchen and Bath Show

Premier Copper Products Free Standing Soaker Tub

copper sink. Quite a few manufacturers make it but each one is like the next. When we walked past Premier Copper Products display everyone in our group was left slack jawed. Make no mistake Premier had the garden variety under-counter lavatories and kitchen sinks but its the other stuff that left the biggest impression. Owner Beau Ralphs was super informative and the company has a great story as well.

Take a look at there freestanding copper soaker tubs and I think you’ll get a sense of how unique these tubs can be. Premier Copper Products also provides it’s customers with products that are built to last a lifetime. So if you’re in the market to build a new home or rehab an existing home keep Premier Copper Products in mind.


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INAX Plumbing Fixtures Mean Business

I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t super familiar with INAX plumbing fixtures, I’d seen an ad here and there but I had never looked into the company. Before the show, everybody that preregisters and especially the press gets bombarded with information about the exhibitors and I happened to get a personal phone call from the marketing team from INAX. After talking to them several times I was embarrassed I had never given them a good look. They have only been in the US for 3 years but I pride myself on being on top of the plumbing manufacturing world.

Most new fixture manufacturers that pop up in the US have a limited line and usually focus on a niche like commercial toilets or bathtubs or undercounter mount lavatories. As you can imagine its quite expensive to ramp up an operation to manufacturer an extensive line of plumbing fixtures and trim.

Kitchen and Bath Show

INAX Statis Ultra Premium Toilet

So I should explain, INAX is NOT a new plumbing fixture manufacturer. INAX Corp as a company goes back to 1924 and was founded under the name Ina Seitou Co, Ltd. Believe it or not the company was made somewhat famous for working with Frank Lloyd Wright manufacturing ceramic tile. Shortly thereafter they dove into the manufacturing of sanitary fixtures. In 1985 the company reinvented itself and became INAX Corp. and embarked on becoming a designer of interior space focusing on the bathroom.

When you look at INAX fixtures you will definitely see design cues from Toto or the other way around. We aren’t looking to get into a debate on who designed what first. However INAX most definitely encompasses contemporary design into their fixtures, in fact there isn’t even much transitional here but it is very cool nonetheless.

Much is being made of ultra premium toilets these days especially by Kohler so it’s worth

Kitchen and Bath Show

INAX Washlet Toilet Seats

mentioning that INAX was the first to introduce an ultra premium toilet. Their Regio and Satis high technology toilets are just awesome. Again please stay tunes to our “Game of Thrones” article highlighting the features of the ultra premium toilets by INAX, Toto and Kohler.


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