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Who Says Plumbing can’t Be Glamorous?

I know, I know, how in the heck did a simple plumber get a spot on Style Network’s Giuliana and Bill Show? Well it all goes back to a little ice cream parlor in south suburban Chicago. There’s just something about scooping ice cream together that builds life long camaraderie. Yes Bill and I worked together for a couple of years for The Plush Horse in

Kohlers Numi

The Plush Horse in Palos Park, IL

Palos Park Illinois which is still one of the greatest ice cream parlors in the U.S. Try their Chocolate Chocolate Chip Shake with real whipped Cream if you go. Outstanding is an understatement. Anyway back to Giuliana and Bill and Kohler’s Numi. So I went into the glamorous world of plumbing and Bill became a reality TV star, winning on Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice. After the show Bill has gone on to do numerous real estate, TV projects and motivational speaking events, along the way he met and married the beautiful and equally talented Giuliana DePandi (Host of E! News, Fashion Police, The Giuliana and Bill Show, etc.). I am happy to say that Bill continues a longstanding Chicago southside tradition of out kicking his coverage in the marriage department.

Collaboration in Kitchen and Bath Design
So a couple years ago, right about the time I began writing for theplumbinginfo.com Bill and I reconnected and began talking about doing a few plumbing projects together where we would collaborate on some kitchen and bath design. So if Bill was working on a

Kohlers Numi

Kohler Numi in the Dark

project in Chicago he called me, which was flattering, and I brought some of my plumbing product relationships together for ideas and direction. So several months ago my phone rings and it was Bill and he asked if I knew anything about the Kohler “Numi” to which I replied “heck yes, it’s the most advanced toilet in the world”. He said “I want you to introduce it in our new house on the Giuliana and Bill show. Well I said yes and although I’d been filmed with Bill and his crew before it was always more of a collaborative effort. This one was a duet of Bill and I. Well you’ll see that Bill is a pro and I’m a true amateur but I did it and had fun and hopefully I didn’t suck too bad so they’ll ask me back. I swear I’ll be better next time! Here are a few movie clips of the experience and a featurette on the Kohler’s state of the art toilet the “Numi”

Here is a mishmash of movie clips I shot while in California.

TV is a funny thing, it’s true, the camera puts on weight. I’m 6ft 200lbs in real life…not. We shot probably 30 minutes of film, partly because of my lack of practice but mostly because they try and get different angles and perspectives we just don’t think about while watching. For example they shot Bill by himself talking to me, then they did a second shot of just me talking to Bill and then finally they did one shot of me alone doing a small presentation on the Kohler “Numi”. They mash it all together and it’s 30 seconds of screen magic.

Once again thanks to Style for hooking a Chicagoan up in style and thanks Bill and Giuliana for having me out to see your place and to help with the show.

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