I'll Rock Your F**king Socks Off Playlist #24

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The Plumbing Info Playlist #24

I’ve felt compelled to do another playlist for my loyal followers. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because it’s been raining like Seattle in Chicago but I’ve been listening to new hard rock lately. You don’t really hear much about plainPlaylist #24 ole hard rock. The genre is so broad now it’s hard to label. After listening to the new Breaking Benjamin album (please don’t wait another 6 years to make another. Can we also take up a petition to get Tool to finally release a new one?) It’s been a mission of mine to find the best hard rock songs on Spotify. I’m pretty confident I’ve put together the “hardrockingest” (You can use that word if you want. Permission granted) playlist on the planet. So enjoy and I hope it rocks your f**king socks off.

P.S. There is no death metal, screamo or speed metal on the list so move along if that floats your boat.

 I’ll Rock You F**king Socks Off #24

1.) Next To Nothing – Superheaven – Being a big 90’s grunge fan helps. This sounds like it should have been played in 1993. They call it Alt Rock or post-hardcore but it’s just hard rock. Enjoy.

2.) Heavy Is The Head – Zac Brown, Chris Cornell – Chris Cornell is one of most recognizable voices in rock history and you hear him early. It’s not until the first verse is sung that you realize it’s Zac Brown. It’s an unlikely pairing that makes for a great song.

3.) Failure – Breaking Benjamin – One of the first singles off of their newly released album “Dark Before Dawn” . It’s awesome and let me be one of the many who are saying “we’re glad you’re back”.

Playlist #244.) Speaking In Tongues – Young Guns – Just a straight up rock band out of the UK. Check out some of their other tunes as well. They are fairly accomplished.

5.) Dead Inside – Muse – If you don’t know who Muse is you probably suck. It’s their new single.

6.) Francafrique – Refused – This is such a jam. Don’t forget to let people know who told you about this song. ME BABY. This is one of those bands that have been around forever and I feel a little stupid that I’ve never heard them before. Just to give you a bit of info they formed in 1991.

7.) Footsteps – Pop Evil – One hard working hard rock bands from the Midwest that have been at it for awhile. Great song for sure.

8.) What Went Down – Foals – Another UK band. This song is firmly in the Alt Rock genre.

9.) The Great Beyond – Puppy – Puppy is literally hot off the presses. They don’t even have an LP yet. If this is an early indication, they have a pretty bright future.

10.) Amen – Halestorm – This song makes me want to drink a bunch of Rumplemintz and get into a bar fight. A great hard rock band from Pennsylvania that tours extensively. Check them out if you’ve never heard them.

11.) Fly – Sleeping With Sirens – This band reminds me quite a bit of Paramore before Paramore went completely pop.

12.) The Vengeful One – Disturbed – YES Disturbed is back and they sound great as usual.

13.) Angles Fall – Breaking Benjamin – With a brand new album released in the last two weeks I couldn’t stop with just one.

14.) Human Race – Three Days Grace – Another great veteran rock band with a new lead singer and a new album.

15.) Defector – Muse

16.) Wicked Ones – Dorothy – A brand new song, brand new traditional hard rock band.

17.) Violent Shiver – Benjamin Booker – The best way I can describe this song is dirty rock, maybe garage rock. EitherPlaylist #24 way, listen up.

18.) I killed Robert Johnson – The Stone Foxes – Just crank it up, great guitar riffs and cool lyrics.

19.) Get Right Church – Ben Miller Band

20.) I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace – Nothing says I like you like sending over this song to a dear friend.

I hope this playlist wakes you up and gets you pumped up for whatever the day brings. Work, workout or drive, make it a great day. Thanks again for reading and listening.


Sean Kavanaugh

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