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Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Live? Well Almost.

So we are gassing up the car packing it full of goodies and we’re heading to Las Vegas for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show or more commonly known as KBIS. KBIS is one of the biggest and best conventions  of it’s kind, showing industry professionals and consumers alike the latest and greatest in kitchen and bath design. We’ll see counter tops, flooring, cabinets, etc. but what we’re really interested in is the Plumbing Stuff. So we will be there giving you live updates throughout the week with pictures and video showing you what we see, what we think is important to our industry and things that will set the trends for years to come.

Look for exclusive interviews and booth tours from some of the biggest names in the plumbing industry. So if you can’t be there stay tuned to us and we will give you the best in show.

Well let us say that the KBIS show was a bit overwhelming. As we walked the show we were constantly amazed at the new ideas being introduced. There was no shortage of things to look at from both a design perspective and a plumbing perspective. We obviously had our favorites so we will share them with you in no particular order.

Jason International Redefines Spa Baths

Jason International is one of the first companies we had the pleasure of meeting with and Paulo Jacuzzi was certainly a gracious representative for his company. With a last name like Jacuzzi you would expect no less right? Yes Jason’s (JAcuzziSON) roots run deep, they are the same Jacuzzi family that once owned the Jacuzzi brand of spa baths. The Jacuzzi Company and brand was sold about 30 years ago and Remo Jacuzzi remained the president of Jacuzzi Brothers until 1982. It was at this time that Remo Jacuzzi and family decided to go back to their roots and Jason International was born.

Jason International is dedicated to giving it’s customers the finest bathing experience and superior craftsmanship throughout their line of products.

If you’ve been in the kitchen and bath/plumbing industry for awhile you’d have noticed that there hasn’t been much innovation in the bathing experience in quite some time. There have been upgrades in tub/spa lighting and aroma therapy but those are several years old and not game changers by any stretch. So when Paulo Jacuzzi showed us their new Microsilk Spas we were skeptical but very interested. Lets be honest here shall we, most of these slick trademark names are marketing speak for putting a new spin on an old technology or more simply put it’s re-branding. Not so with Jason Microsilk spas in fact we can say it’s the first truly new spa experience to come along in quite some time at least from a tactile perspective.

What are Microsilk Spas?

There are a few companies that have micro bubble technology but none have bubbles 50

Jason Forma Collection Spa Bath

microns or less. Oxygen rich bubbles that are small enough to enter into the skin through your pores. In fact these micro bubbles are small enough to enter into the pores, gently deep cleaning your skin. Did we mention that in addition to introducing oxygen into the skin it also moisturizes? When we put our hands into the spa for a demonstration the best way we could describe the feeling is tingly almost like a huge bath of champagne.

We had a pretty basic question regarding heat retention, did these tubs come with an in-line heater to maintain water temperature. The answer was surprising to say the least, the Microsilk spas do not come with an in-line heater…..you’ll never guess why. When the bubbles collapse on themselves in the water they release a small amount of energy, multiply that by billions and you have water that retains it’s heat.

Jason’s Translucent Spa Tub

This is real technology, real science, is it the fountain of youth? No, but it is one of the most unique spa experiences you will ever have and you can have it in the comforts of your own home. Just let us know where you live and we’d be glad to help you find a dealer in your area. So please enjoy pictures and the two short video clips one of us getting a demonstration in Vegas and the other from Jason giving a detailed description of how Microsilk spas work.

Toto USA Shows us We Aren’t is Kansas Anymore

Toto Impresses with New Plumbing Products

Toto needs no formal introduction. They are one of the largest manufacturers of plumbing fixtures and faucets in the world. Their attention to form, function and their dedication to sustainability in the plumbing field is unrivaled.  I had the pleasure of speaking with a few sales representatives from Toto USA and I’d like to give a shout out to Jessica Redling and another to Lauren Pavlick, thanks for the media material.

I will say without hesitation that Toto came to this KBIS to impress and I thought they had some of the coolest products at the show. I’m a big fan of light and how it is used in a kitchen and bath and someone at Toto had the same idea and really set the bar high. When I say use of light I don’t mean that bath or shower products should turn the room into a strobe light display or into a light display fit for a limousine. I love light that make a room inviting, that creates a sense of serenity and calm. The first set of products that caught my eye were the Luminist Lavatories. Luminist lavatories are vessel type sinks that combine resin and glass to create a translucent material that is combined with LED lighting to create a sink that glows invitingly in the darkness of a bathroom.

A Showerhead That Lights the Way

Toto Aimes Shower Head

If you think the Luminist lavatories are cool this one will put you over the edge. I slowly walked up to a working shower display (no, no one was taking a shower) and as a approach I see a light in the ceiling of the shower. Whats so unusual about that, every shower has some sort of light in or around it right? As neared I saw that this was quite a bit different than anything I had seen before. It was Toto’s Aimes shower head and it a had a circular ring very similar to a lampshade surrounding the head that was completely lit up with the same inviting glow seen in the Luminist lavatory. Here is the kicker, this light does not have to be hard wire to an electrical system and no it doesn’t take batteries. This shower head uses the same technology that it’s green faucets and flush valves use, EcoPower. The water running through the shower head drives a turbine that charges a small battery that powers the LED lights. How cool is that? Toto gets round of applause from me and this product is nominated for our Best in Show product.

There were many cool products in the Toto booth and a few I have in the following video. I hope you enjoy. Please stay tuned to our upcoming article “Game of Thrones” a look at the world’s ultra premium toilets. Just a hint Toto has one of the featured toilets.


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