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Plumbing Contractors Success Breeds Success


This Article Will Focus on one of the best kept secrets of highly profitable Plumbing Contractors. It is not a highly guarded secret; in fact you may already know it by a different name or title. I am going to share it with you, my good friends who make up the family of Plumbing Contractors. First let’s agree you are doing just fine right where you are and you have my sincere admiration and respect since I spent a number of years as a Journeyman Plumber and as a Plumbing Contractor with employees.

Some Very Smart Mechanical Coaches Call This “The Paradigm Shift”

Your Thinking – Patterns and what you think about the most is why you are where you are now in your Plumbing Company. It could be

Plumbing Contractors

Paradigm Shift

you are a one-person do it all expert or you could have over twenty employees. I can relate because I have been in both places and have a number of friends whom I admire and respect that have been and some still are Plumbing Contractors. It is a calling, not a job or simply a career, you responded to a deep urge within you that propelled you into the Plumbing trade. It is no “accident” that you are a Plumbing Contractor, now it is time to take it up a notch to another level. It is worth noting operating a Plumbing Company in chaos steals profits right out of hip national bank and the sooner you begin to streamline your business processes management the better it will be for you, your loved ones, your employees, vendors and yes even the tax man. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s…you know the rest of it.

Forget About Past Mistakes and Move Forward if You Can

It Is Too Late – To recoup past losses from operating your Plumbing Company in chaos but it is not too late to change the path and turn it around. To begin with get a clear understanding of what ten minutes of waste costs your Company and begin implementing a business strategy to eliminate chaos.

When You Have – A well thought out, clearly defined and documented business strategy that you have made “a prisoner on paper” everything changes for you and your construction business because you will see everything in different light.

You May Find – Yourself being drawn to a different caliber of friends like iron filings to a magnet as a result of the leveling up process.

Birds And People – Flock together with others like themselves because it is comfortable. If it were possible for an eagle to be raised with chickens I suspect it would only be a matter of time before it broke away from the flock and began to soar with its own kind rather than keeping its head down pecking at the ground with the rest of the chickens.

Stat Check – Plumbing Contractors Earn What Their Friends Earn – Or Close to It Anyway

Your Income – Is typically within 20% of the average of the six people you spend the most time with, let that soak in a minute. Most of my consulting clients will have a confused and dazed look on their face and some will disagree with it. Others will trust me on this and in time begin to prove it for themselves. We live in a mathematical universe that displays patterns everywhere. All you need to do is recognize the pattern you want to emulate and begin moving in that direction.

Leveling Down – If you spend most of your time at the “Contractors Business Round Table”, that is the little round table at the local bar or tavern with a pitcher of beer and several Plumbing Contractors all earning $40,000 a year or less telling each other how to run their Plumbing Companies then your annual income will hover between $32,000 and $48,000 (20% plus or minus $40,000).

Plumbing Contractors

Surround Yourself with Success

Leveling Up – As you develop your Business Strategy your income is likely to increase. The impact on your friends will not be pleasant as you expect it will be since you will be proving that good people can win the construction game by playing it with high moral and ethical standards and the willingness to try something different.

At First You Will Try To – Share your amazing discoveries with your Plumbing Contractor friends and you will quickly discover they are not interested! After a while your constant attempts to change their paradigms will irritate them and you will drift away or be asked to leave.

The Next Thing – That normally happens is you will be drawn into a different circle of Plumbing Contractors who already know what you now know and you will find a whole new world opening up to you centered around best practices and how to add more value to your customers and clients so that your Plumbing Company can pay better wages and in turn hire better staff and in the end earn more profit. A little company called “Microsoft” did that many years ago and it seems to have worked out well.

Even if it Takes Patience Focus on What You do Best and What Makes You the Most Money

Focusing 80% On Increasing Revenue Streams – If you have been around Plumbing Contractors who focus 100% on cutting costs and beating down every employee, supplier and trusted advisor and leaving a path of scorched earth behind them this new concept will shock you to your core. Not every Plumbing Contractor can handle it because it is similar to taking the wrong pill in the movie The Matrix. Once your eyes are open there is no going back.

Once You Are At The Point – Where the six people you spend the most time with are earning $100,000+ a year what do you suppose

Plumbing Contractors

Build Your Brand. Even if it’s slow

your income will be? Seek the wise council of a Certified Financial Planner and there is a good chance it will grow into substantial wealth someday. Perhaps your investments will generate enough passive income for you to own a Plumbing Company and have freedom to do more fun things with your time.

Einstein Has Proven – Energy and matter are the same thing in different forms; therefore it follows that you will become what you think about. And what you think about will influence your thoughts, which will influence your actions which will influence your wealth, which you will use to raise everyone’s standard of living because the Rising Tide Raises All Ships.

Leveling Applies To Your Employees – As well as you. Top notch Plumbing Contractors are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest staff to add to their team. I grew a very successful Plumbing Company by finding the best and the brightest Journeymen and office staff I could find. One of the best ways was every truck, van and trailer had a “Now Hiring” sign on the back and it worked. The top notch Journeymen and staff loved it and embraced it. The not so top notch folks didn’t like it at all. I see your Plumbing Company similar to a professional sports team. You will always have turnover and the key is to always have the best of the best on your team. That way everyone wins.

I leave you with this heartfelt blessing “As we are near December 25th here is wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. To my Plumbing Contractor friends who do not celebrate Christmas I wish for you to enjoy a day of peace and joy and Seasons Greetings. May God Bless all Plumbing Contractors and everyone else on earth as well”.

Warm Regards,

Randal L. DeHart, PMP, QPA


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