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I Hate Fruit Flies In Drain

After going through an absolute fruit fly killing rampage today I decided to write about how to stop the madness of fruit flies in drain when you do get over run by these annoying little pests. I actually called myself a fruit fly serial killer after whacking 12 of these little f**kers today. I’m overflowing with pride.

Fruit Flies in Drain

Oh How I Hate You

You never know when it’s going to come or if, it’s like a bad summer waiting game. Fruit flies have even skipped my house for a year or two. I know I write this as if they know who’s house it is that they choose to infest but I can’t help but to take it personally. I do know one thing, when they do come, and all of us get them from time to time, I run around my house like I have a mental illness smacking my hands together hoping I’ll find one smashed in between my palms. Sometimes they seem demonic because you think you’ve got one dead to rights only to come up empty handed because one of those wily little buggers dodged the hammer clap of death. (I jumped around in sick glee showing my daughter that I had killed two with one smack)

So how did you get here and what can you do about stopping the madness if and when you are cursed by these intrusive fiends. Lets dispel one myth for good, fruit flies do not spontaneously appear. They can find their way into your home in one of two ways.

#1 Their eggs are already on that ripening bunch of bananas you brought home from the store and unless you peel and eat them right away and throw out the peels they will probably hatch. If they do there goes the neighborhood because their life cycle is 8 to 9 days.

#2 You have a bowl of ripening fruit on your kitchen table. Fruit flies can smell that fruit from a pretty good distances and there is a good chance they are lurking outside trying to find a way in. Because they are so small it’s almost impossible to keep them out unless you have insect netting around every window and door. (Which I have been thinking about quite often in the last couple days)

So how do you prevent them, control them or kill fruit flies in drain?

If you have fruit flies in your home quite often they will congregate around not only fruit but also inside your kitchen sink drain.

  • The kitchen sink drain usually collects organic waste that fruit flies thrive on. Keeping your sink clean as a whistle will help but will not entirely prevent fruit flies from infesting the drain.
  • Clean dishes right after use especially if you have young children that like fruit drinks.

    Fruit Flies in Drain

    I’m glad they aren’t that big.

  • Take out vegetable or fruit scraps out to the garbage right away. (Like right after you eat.)
  • Refrigerate fruit and vegetables. You can’t stop fruit flies from hatching within the fridge but it is far less likely than if you leave them out in the open. Don’t give a stray dog a bone, don’t give a stray fruit fly a banana. If you leave them in a bag you can choke the bastards out by leaving no oxygen. (I really don’t know if this true but I like the thought of fruit flies dying because of no oxygen.
  • Make fruit fly traps using apple cider vinegar. Take a small glass bowl and fill it with apple cider vinegar (they love it more than fruit) seal it with plastic wrap and punch little holes in it. The flies can fly in but are too stupid to get out. Some people say to put a few drops of dish soap in the vinegar. The theory is that when they fly into the vinegar they get trapped because of the soap. I have found no real benefit of dish soap. It is just as fun to watch them fly around inside of the trap and drop from exhaustion as is it watching them drown.


Please leave any suggestions, thoughts or better fruit fly slaughtering methods in the comment box below. Mankind will thank you, if they don’t at least I will.



Sean Kavanaugh

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