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Do You Really Need a Master Plumber?

Do you know anything about plumbing besides the basics? Maybe you know how to unclog a toilet with a plunger or put drain cleaner down the sink when it gets backed up. But, do you really know your way around the different plumbing systems that are in your home? Better yet, do you know anything about the plumbing systems that are located at construction sites, commercial buildings or those that are sprinkled throughout the public facilities?


Vast Knowledge of Plumbing

Chances are many of these things are much more advanced than what you will ever know about. However, these are the types of thingsthat a master plumber is knowledgeable about and handles on a regular basis. A master plumber is different from a regular plumber because he has a greater number of years of experience. However, this does not necessarily mean that a master plumber is specialized in any particular area. Not all states have a master plumbers license anymore however in states that do, the Master Plumber is held to a much stricter standard of schooling and testing.

Master Plumber

Master Plumbers Have the Knowledge


Specialized Training

Thus, he can have many years of general experience in all plumbing systems or be specialized in a combination of different ones. But, if there is ever a need, you can normally find a master plumber who specializes in areas such as irrigation, backflow prevention, heating, cooling & ventilation, gas fitting, bathroom renovations, industrial maintenance and drainage and sewer blockages, just to name a few.


Knows Residential Plumbing

For anyone who is renovating a home, a master plumber has the expertise to help you with all home plumbing systems. There are tons of plumbing problems that homeowners experience on any given day. A majority of them deal with some sort of leak, backed up toilet, lack of hot water or clogged kitchen sink. However, a master plumber can clear things up and get your home’s plumbing back on track again.


Advantageous, But Can be Costly Plumbing Services

As can be expected the services of a master plumber can be quite expensive and are obviously, much costlier than those of a regular plumber. However, in order to avoid this, homeowners should be proactive. Have a master plumber perform routine maintenance checks so that future plumbing problems in your home do not surface. You might be thinking that it is foolish to spend money on service checks when nothing is really wrong with your plumbing right now. But, it is best to tend to things such as a leaky faucet before it gets worse and creates more problems.

Fix the simple plumbing problems now before they turn into expensive problems later. Not only will you take care of the problem now, but it will also be at a cheaper price. Keep in mind that plumbing emergencies are always expensive and many times can be avoided if the proper services checks are done on a regular basis. A plumber can come to your home and perform these checks before things get seriously out of hand.

Paul Glapinski is the president of Pj’s Plumbing is a professional plumber and repair specialist serving Pewaukee, Delafield, Hartland and Oconomowoc, WI. For more information you can follow PJ’s plumbing on Twitter and GooglePlus page

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