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Oil Rubbed Bronze Tub Overflow

This is probably the most popular secondary faucet and trim finish on the market today.

Chrome will always be the big dog on the block, it may get bumped for a year or so but because of it’s neutral color and smooth cleanable finish you can always count on chrome plated trim.

Bronze Tub Overflow and FaucetThat brings of to oil rubbed bronze. The color of oil rubbed bronze is very dark and usually a deep chocolate brown with brass or copper undertones.There are quite a few do it yourselfers out there that change their lavatory faucets and shower trim but don’t know how to change the waste and overflow cover and the tub drain to match.

There is a quick and simple fix to this issue. Check out the Ultimate Overflow Tub Drain Remodel Kit. You can change out the over flow cover and tub drain in 15 minutes or less. No plumbing skills are necessary, just be able to work a screw driver and you’re all set. So if you have a leak from your overflow cover or you want to change the finish to match the other trim this is the product for you.Check out the video for a step by step guide on how to use this product. It comes in all the current colors.

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