10 Plumbing Fails You Need to See

Everybody has experienced the inconvenience of a blocked toilet or sink. When the plunger doesn’t do the job, the next choice that most people opt for is the plumber.

The good thing about plumbers is that most of them are on standby and ready to dash to your house as soon as you call. They’re supposed to make your lavatory experience pleasant.

But here’s the other side of the coin:

Some plumbers aren’t qualified or are in a rush to get to the next job, so they do a quick slapdash. Their lackluster performance makes using the sink or a toilet a chore for the household.

We wanted to see how badly some plumbers messed up, and wouldn’t you know it:

Here are ten of our favorite plumbing fails.

1. Wrong Side

A similar mishap that is more common than the one in the gif is when the plumber labels the tap with a blue color, but hot water pours out. The same happens with the red tap that has cold water pouring out.

What’s more strange than that is when the person turns the tap and the water pours out of the adjacent one.

It almost looks like a magic trick, but it’s not.

That’s not the worst plumbing job I’ve seen, but the thing that would make this experience worse is if only one water temperature pours out of both taps.

This might amuse the kids but will frustrate the adults who would be to blame for not checking up on the plumber’s job before paying the bill.

2. Taking It Too Far

Nothing beats coming home from a long day’s work and taking a shower to release the tension in one’s shoulders.

Showering is supposed to be a pleasant experience, but it can turn it into a nightmare if the homeowner gets the wrong plumber.

Some plumbers are good at preventing water spillage but should never become interior designers.

Although the plumber who did this house managed to get the water running, he placed the showerhead handle on the wrong side.

The simple, and obvious choice, would have been to fit the handle above the tap, but it seems that idea went straight over the plumber’s head.

It went so far over his head that it ended up on the other side of the bathtub.

I wonder if the plumber congratulated himself on a job well done after he saw what he had accomplished. It wouldn’t be surprising if he did.

3. Quick Hands

I thought that it was only automatic taps that switched on and off by themselves.

Turns out I was wrong.

Even if the taps require a person to turn the knob, they can go off and on. Something tells me that this has less to do with the taps and more to do with bad plumbing.

Who knew that washing your hands could turn out to be a frustrating experience? Is it too much to ask for a good plumber who can make a tap work?

Seriously, going to the bathroom shouldn’t feel like an appointment with the dentist. At least most dentists can do their job. I can’t say the same thing for the plumber who installed the above tap.

4. Gone Overboard

The modern world has taken a new approach to interior design, especially when the toilet is involved.

I never understood why homeowners opted for a small sink. A smaller basin makes it awkward to wash your hands and half the time, water ends up all over the floor.

The plumber who installed the above tap didn’t consider the size of the basin. It seems that trying something new doesn’t always prove to be successful.

What surprises me about this job is that the plumber didn’t test out the tap.

Then again…

Maybe he did and decided to leave it as is. He figured that some people wouldn’t mind having water splash on their favorite outfit or wouldn’t have a problem with water on the floor.

Either way, this plumber should probably quit his day job.

5. Too Powerful

Slow and steady usually does the trick.

That’s not the case with the featured tap..

Despite the homeowner taking his time to carefully turn on the tap, he can’t stop the high-pressured torrent of water that explodes from the faucet.

Regardless of how slow he turns the tap, the water gushes out.

But look on the bright side:

At least the water isn’t coming out in a slow drip…?

Yeah, it might seem like a minor inconvenience, but you can see how fast the glass fills up. This would do for filling up a pot for boiling pasta, but for cups and even measuring spoons, there’s no hope for precision.

Until a smarter plumber fixes that problem, that household has to drink a full glass of water. And they can forget about trying to time the water to fill it up only halfway.

Maybe this homeowner should have tried turning the tap quickly to see if the water came out with less pressure…

6. Revving Flush

Whatever happened to pulling the lever to flush the toilet? It seems that some homeowners aren’t satisfied with the conventional way of flushing the toilet.

So, what do they do? They call a plumber and ask him to fit a handlebar flush. “What’s that?” asked the plumber.

The owner told him that he was obsessed with bikes and had to have handlebars as his toilet flush.

After the fitting, the owner revs the handlebar to flush the toilet. Aesthetically, we’d agree with most people in that this is a pretty hardcore fail…

But the plumber got the odd job done and the owner seemed pretty pleased about it.

If it helps him enjoy the toilet more, then who are we to judge?

Still, if he has guests over, he might have to provide them with instructions on how to flush.

7. Crack ‘Em Up

Numerous jokes have emerged from plumbers. One of the most famous ones is that plumbers reveal their backside due to their pants slipping down when they’re working.

That happens a lot to plumbers, but one of the things that most people don’t see often is a male plumber who wears a g-string.

The truth can be stranger than fiction. Perhaps, the plumber above feels comfortable in them. It seems that even a g-string didn’t help him to prevent exposing his backside.

I think that jocks or boxers will do a better job for him than a g-string.

I wonder what’s next. Maybe, some plumbers will go commando. Oh, wait. I’m sure that’s happened before.

Who knew that some plumbers were into that type of thing?

8. Loose Canon

After conducting research on the worst plumbing fails, this video doesn’t surprise me after what I’ve seen.

It’s come to my attention that some plumbers aren’t concerned about ensuring that everything works before they leave the job.

It seems that some plumbers only care about appearance. As long as it looks like it works, that’s good enough for them.

Whatever happened to testing all the parts before leaving? That didn’t occur to the plumber who did the above job.

I wonder if the plumbing in his house is as bad as in his clients’? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s worse. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

9. Making A Splash

There’s no such thing as finding the middle ground when the above plumber is on the job. He only knows one way to do things: go full throttle.

The only positive thing that I can say about this job is that the homeowner is fortunate that the tap didn’t gush off like the previous entry on the list.

Trying to wash your hands in such a gush of water will result in water spillage all over the basin and possibly on the floor.

Although the plumber did a terrible job with the tap, the homeowner should’ve inspected it before the plumber left.

One can never be too careful these days and trusting someone can prove to be expensive. Rather be safe than sorry.

10. Decoded

Talk about “reinventing the wheel” and needlessly complex.

Who knew that turning the tap was like cracking a safe? If anybody wants to use this tap, they’ll have to ask the owner for the code that will release the water.

From what I can make from the footage, the code is 30 to the left, 15 to the right, then another 20 to the left.

Is it possible that a plumber would do this?

Yes, apparently.

The homeowner must’ve seen this. I can only imagine the conversation between the owner and the plumber after the job was complete…

“Okay, so let me give you the code for the tap,” said the plumber.

“Oh, there’s a code for the tap?” asked the homeowner.

“I see you’re learning quick. Man, you’re smarter than me,” said the plumber.

Looks like the homeowner and the plumber are two peas in a pod. This might seem like a pipe dream, but it’s totally real.

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