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Almost Four Years of The Plumbing Info – My Thoughts

I know by reading some of my articles it’s difficult to picture me having any thoughts at all but believe it or not I do. One of my fellow internet nuts at Todays Growth Consultant said to me yesterday “you should write about your experience developing The Plumbing Info. I think people would be interested in reading it” so here I am and here is my story. I hope you enjoy some of it, maybe it will inspire someone else to start their own “Dog with a Blog”, because passion is where it starts……well passion and desperation in my case.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

I am not going to go into every little detail but suffice to say the plumbing industry in our area of the U.S. was devastated 6 years ago and remains that way. Don’t let anyone tell you different, I am sitting outside the industry looking in and most of the midwest is still 50% unemployed for skilled plumbing labor. Our plumbing contracting business was not doing well and an old friend stopped in to see my father and I and told us about a new product he was offering his customers in the form of an authority website. He told us most successful companies build on their “S” curve by adding a stream of revenue to their business with no new or very little capital expenditure. (You can find his chapter about building your “S” curves in Brian Tracy’s new book Against the Grain) So he was finding

The Plumbing Info Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

people that were experts in their field to write about what they were passionate about. It didn’t feel like it at the time and I still don’t think he wasn’t attempting to sell us anything but my wheels started churning. BTW Ken Courtright, (http://www.todaysgrowthconsultant.com/books-by-ken-courtright) my friend, is a pretty convincing fella even when he’s not trying. If you are ever looking for a dynamic speaker he will open many eyes with his wit and wisdom. I called him that day and said can you do a little research on the plumbing industry and see if there would be a place for high quality plumbing website. In 48 hours I had a full report showing me exactly what I wanted to see and www.theplumbinginfo.com was born. I decided to take a bunch of lemons and make lemonade.

I know it isn’t the sexiest domain name but it’s ours and it’s been a labor of love. Over the course of three plus years we’ve seen tremendous growth, crippling Google Algorithm changes and a few bouts of writer’s block. But one thing remains to be true, if you write about things that will better humanity in some way Google will find you and people will come. Of course you need to have some skill or guidance (TGC Owns and develops the site) but for the most part after the ground work is done you write about what you feel is interesting and I’ve stayed true to that philosophy.

It Made Me Famous….a Little

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Look Mom I’m on TV!

So after 3 plus years and hundreds of thousands of words, being on the Giuliana and Bill Show 3 times (I’m the “Plumbing Expert” if you care to re-watch the episodes), being placed on Hansgrohe’s plumbing advisory board and having part of my Plumbing Estimating Guide be included in the PHCC’s estimating textbook and about 15 Google algorithm changes, I think The Plumbing Info has been a smashing success in fact I tell people it’s the greatest resume I could have ever written.

The Plumbing Info is Part of a Full Time Job

This is a new chapter in the life cycle of The Plumbing Info, our contracting firm is closed, I now work full time for Today’s Growth Consultant (site developer) and I oversee content for hundreds of websites.  But my focus remains, we have awesome things in store for our readership. The site grows everyday, we’ve been focusing a lot on plumbing business practice because…well they need it now more than ever, but it’s time to give back to the consumers that read the site as well. So stay tuned for more product reviews, plumbing definitions and homeowner plumbing tips. I also have a request, because Google is constantly changing how they rank websites for search, let me know what plumbing information you’re looking for and I’d be glad to answer it for you or give you advice, it allows me to better predict what it is our readership wants for content. I know plumbing cracks and jokes are funny “butt” that’s not our mission. So to all of you who read us regularly thank you and to all new readers welcome.

 The Plumbing Info is managed by the company I now work for, Today’s Growth Consultant.  They are an excellent company that squeezes out the best of the websites they manage.  If you are interested in more about our company you can visit our website or read some reviews about Today’s Growth Consultant here. You can also get connected with us via Today’s Growth Consultant Facebook page.

Sincerely Sean Kavanaugh

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