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The Plumbing Info Playlist

Plumbing Info Playlist

I’m going to sock you in the nose so hard.






So I’ve been writing about all things plumbing for the last 3½ years but I have other interests…thank God. People that know me well will tell you I’m a bit of a music snob (I just picture Jack Black in High Fidelity flitting around the old record store) so I’ve decided to do a weekly playlist of music I love. I will warn you that I am an alternative/singer songwriter guy but I literally love all music so don’t be afraid. If you like country you’ll get it, if you like heavy metal you’ll get it, if you like hip hop and old school rap you’ll get it, 80s New Wave, done, Grunge, done, because in the famous words of Donny and Marie “I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll”.  There will be a few genres I skip though. I’m not big on Opera and you’ll not see a lick in the way of Mongolian Throat signing.

The Plumbing Info Playlist

The Throat Singing Quartet.

I was told by a wise old music mage (no I wasn’t I’m completely making this up) that a playlist should never be over 18 songs and although I’ve broken that Cardinal Rule many times, I won’t break it here. I have declared all Plumbing Info Playlists shall and will always remain 12 songs in length because after that, you’re hogging the radio. Many of you may think it odd that I’m providing the added benefit of music selections on my plumbing site, however I think it’s perfectly natural in the construction business especially in the field to fire up the DeWalt  Worksite Radio and Pump up the Jams. BTW I’m not listening to any naysayers out there talking smack about my music, you can go back to your 8-track and listen to Foghat Live on your own time. (BTW that is a great record but sometimes I get embarrassed admitting it)

I mentioned that I’m an alternative guy so I will start out with some things I love with a touch of heavy and I just named it as I was typing.


The First Ever Plumbing Info Playlist – Alt with a Touch ‘O’ Heavy


1.)  Got You (Where I want You) The Flys – I believe this song would qualify as a one hit wonder so in case you forgot about it, here you go.

2.)  Woman – Wolfmother – When I hear this song I feel like strutting around like Mick Jagger.

3.)  Black Tongue – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Karen O may be the rockingest chick in music and this is one of her best rollicks. She make being a girl rock star look really cool.

4.)  Many of Horror – Biffy Clyro – Although Biffy Clyro may be a super weird name they are a pretty straightforward alt rock band and this song talks to me. “I’ll take a bruise I know you’re worth. When you hit me hit me hard”. That’s a man taking a verbal smack down from the lady of the house.

5.)  Spiderhead – Cage the Elephant (I hear my dad telling me an inappropriate joke about this bands name) If you haven’t heard of Cage the Elephant you will, this is a huge band in the making.

6.)  Black Metallic – Catherine Wheel – Have you ever wondered why a band hasn’t made it as big as they should have? This is one of those bands and this song is great with all of its shoegazing fuzzy guitar glory.

7.)  Harnessed in Slums – Archers of Loaf – I picture the Clash hearing this song and wishing they wrote it. It’s a great punk rock tune and it makes me want to jump in a mosh pit.

8.)  Summerland – Everclear – Everclear has always been able to pull on my heartstrings and this song does it. “We could leave behind another wasted year” I just picture a couple, a carton of ciggies and a couple bottles of Popov Brand vodka. Smoke up Johnny!

9.)  Nothing Like You – Frightened Rabbit – I like Scottish Rock, I wish I could master the accent because I don’t know if I’d ever stop speaking that way. You may even be able to dance to this so if you want to bust this one out on a lunch break you and the crew can get down.

10.) In Your Heart – A Place to Bury Strangers – I originally started to listen to this band because I love their name. A scenario pops into my head, you’re sitting on a train and a person you’ve never met before asks you what you’re listening to and you reply “A Place to Bury Strangers” and I laugh and laugh

11.) Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups – Think Smashing Pumpkins when they made good stuff.

12.) Sail – AWOLNATION – I have no idea what the song really means all I know as that they yell “Sail” a lot and it makes me want to yell “Sail” randomly during the day.

I sincerely hope you enjoy. Music has a way of picking you up when you’re having a pity party or keeping you there if you feel like wallowing in it. I hope I give you a little of both. As an added bonus I have included a Spotify playlist so you can fire it up and listen while you work on the job site or in the comforts of your own living room.




Sean Kavanaugh

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