The Plumbing Info Playlist #12

The Plumbing Info Playlist
Angels and Demons in battle.

The Plumbing Info Playlist #12

I guess you could consider Progressive (Prog) Rock the thinking mans rock and roll. I mean there are some angels and some demons, maybe a unicorn or two and lots of soaring. Mythical creatures are a lot to think about but it is so much more than the grand sometimes-ethereal lyrics.

The Plumbing Info Playlist #12
Angels and Demons in battle.

Prog Rock bands make liberal use of synthesizers but also make complex use of timing and switchbacks. Just give Rush or Dream Theater a listen and you’ll see how seriously they take their craft. The cool thing about Prog Rock is that it encompasses some really mainstream bands and songs but there are some huge Prog bands that have never received the commercial success they probably deserved. This is such a weird genre. There are a few of the bands on the list where I can only listen to a song or two, the rest of their stuff is so out there that it leaves me scratching my head. So again happy Friday and soar with the eagles….or dragons.


Angles and Demons Prog Rock Anthems #12

1.)  Feathers – Coheed and Cambria – As I mentioned in the above, there are some bands that have a few great songs but then fall off a cliff. This is one of them. Every album is a rock opera, one long story and it can get a little weird for me.

2.)  Working Man – Rush – It is so tough to pick just one Rush song. They have so many great ones. I picked one that I think shows off their musical chops. Neil Pert is at his finest on the drums and Geddy Lee’s voice is off the chain.

3.)  Pull Me Under – Dream Theater – OK this is one of those bands that so many other bands mention as an influence and they have a huge cult following. I’ll be honest I don’t get it but I do love this song. Give it a listen.

4.)  Owner Of A Lonely Heart– Yes – This was a monster hit and I think I’ve heard it at least 4,000 times. The great thing is that I haven’t heard it in about a decade so it is a song that is back in my good graces.

5.)  Only Time Will Tell – Asia – There is a multi colored dragon coming out of an ocean that may or not be the earth on the album cover.

The Plumbing Info Playlist #12
There are plenty of dragons in prog rock.

Prog Rock at it’s finest.

6.)  Stargazer – Rainbow – Ronnie James Dio, enough said.

7.)  Touch and Go – Emerson, Lake and Powell – Synth rock heaven. I had this song on motivational wrestling tapes back in the 80’s.

8.)  Follow You Follow Me – Genesis – Who knew, Genesis started as a Prog Rock band. Yep, they started out as a progressive rock back in the 70’s and moved into mainstream rock in the 80’s. No one can question Phil’s drum playing prowess. I just wish he didn’t make his current living by making music for Disney, it’s depressing.

9.)  Hold On – Kansas – Kansas has quite a few mainstream rock hits but they are considered a Prog Rock band. I picked a great song that I thought would fit the genre. You can probably see them at your local town carnival this summer.

10.) Feeling That Way – Journey – I just saw Steve Perry do a short set with the alternative band “The Eels”. It was his first live performance in 25 years and he looked and sounded pretty good. I forgot how awesome he was. You can check out the performance here.

11.) Blinded By The Light – Manfred Mann – This song with originally written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen. It’s such an iconic song I have a hard time hearing The Boss doing it justice. Plus Manfred Mann’s version sounds like they say “wrapped up like a douche”.

12.) Livin’ Thing – ELO – Where would a Prog Rock playlist be without an ELO song?

13.) The Suffering – Coheed and Cambria – Another one of the three songs I love by C & C.

The Plumbing Info Playlist
The Apocalypse, mystic symbols and more.

14.) Perfect Strangers – Deep Purple – I just read that David Coverdale was the lead singer of Deep Purple from 1974 through 1976. That’s worth a listen for sure.

I wanted to give a shout out to all my readers. We’ve grown quit a bit over the last 5 months and I’d like to say thanks. I hope you enjoy the music.



Sean Kavanaugh


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