The Plumbing Info Playlist #13

Plumbing Info Playlist
This was the original. Kid from Kid and Play

The Plumbing Info Playlist #13

When I first started my playlists 14 weeks ago I warned everyone that I had eclectic tastes in music. I’ve gotta believe that this next

Plumbing Info Playlist
This was the original. Kid from Kid and Play

playlist proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. So I reflected a bit and started to think back to a time when I liked R&B. I began thinking about those songs that really stuck in my brain. I’m good like that, I have a memory like an elephant which can be both a blessing and a curse. Of course my brain immediately goes to Aaron Neville’s homogenous mole and “Don’t Know Much”, and not because I love the song but because it is the single most tortuous ear worm in my life. I despise that song and would probably take a full hammer shot to the thumb to ensure I never thought of it again. I digress, so I start thinking of the hella high top fades that my Afro American used to sport at Mount Carmel High School in the 80s and then my mind reboots and drifts to the R&B tunes I loved back in the day. So here they are and they still stir my soul and bring back so many great memories.


High Top Fade R&B Greats Playlist #13

1.)  Tender LoveForce M.D.s  

2.)  Back to Life – Soul 2 Soul – Awesome song that still holds up well today. My sister used to think that “Yellow is the color of sunrays” was “Yellow is the color of some rain”. I asked her if it was acid rain?

Plumbing Info Playlist
yellow is the color of some rain 🙂

3.)  Oh Sheila– Ready for the World – I know they seemed ready for the world but the world was ready for only one song and it was a great one. They put the phrase “what’s good for the goose is always good for the gander” on the map.

4.)  Dancing in the Sheets– Shalamar – Loved the video.

5.)  I Miss You – Klimaxx – As if the word Climax couldn’t get any dirtier. They go and start with a “K” and end it with another “X”. They should have just made it Klimaxxx.

6.)  I’ll Do For U – Father MC – Quite a few of these songs are just a nice trip down memory lane. They don’t hold up well but this Father MC tune stands the test of time quite nicely.

7.)  Prove Your Love – Taylor Dayne – I was a sucker for Taylor Dayne.

8.)  Let it Whip– Dazz Band – You know you like it. I’m dancing while I’m typing; this song rocks so much ass.

9.)  Now That We Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz – R.I.P. Heavy D. There is still much love for this song.

10.) I’m Not Souped – Troop – I remember Troop performing this song on Arsenio Hall and loving it. Troop used their 15 minutes up real quick.

11.) Cool It Now – New Edition – Bobby, Bell, Bivens, Devoe and Johnny Gill. That’s a hip-hop super group.

Plumbing Info Playlist
In My “House”!

12.) Don’t Be Cruel – Bobby Brown – Remember when BB had a career

13.) Motownphilly – Boyz II Men

14.) In My House – Mary Jane Girls – Something tells me the MJGs weren’t just talking about a guy visiting their house. I’m super quick like that.

Have a great weekend to all of my faithful readers don’t forget to tune in to podcast featuring Ted Sundquist and myself talking all about football.



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