The Plumbing Info Playlist #2

The Plumbing Info Playlist: Country
We're Goin to Gilly's

The Plumbing Info Playlist #2

I know I said I’m an Alt/Singer Songwriter guy but I know the trades are filled with country boys. Although I grew up with old Country

Plumbing Info Playlist
We’re Goin to Gilly’s

and Western like Hank and Willie, Waylon, Mickey Gilley and Crystal Gayle (man that hair was shweet) to name a few, the music didn’t speak to me as I grew up.  I actually spent my 20 and early 30 trying like heck to hate it. However, as I got a little older I found myself drawn to the stories. So I started dabbling with Rascal Flatts because the were “cross over” then it was Lady Antebellum because they were “pop” and then it was Jason Aldean because I had turned into a closet hillbilly. So now I just don’t care, I no longer fight the power. I treat country music like I treated math in high school. I know I need it, I may not like all of it or use all of it, but I need some and the some I need is important. So here is my first country playlist and I hope you love it.


Playlist #2 – Can’t Fight the Country

1.) Fly Over States – Jason Aldean – There is something so incredibly American about this song “Take a ride across the badlands, feel the freedom on your face, breath in all that open space”. This about the only song that makes me want to get on a Harley and ride.

2.) The More I Drink – Blake Shelton – What would a country playlist be without a song about gettin’ drunk? We’ve either been here or have very good friends that are here quite often.

3.) Old Alabama – Brad Paisley – A song featuring one of the very first serious cross over country bands in Alabama and Paisley’s scorching guitars. Love this tune.

4.) Crazy Girl – Eli Young Band – I don’t know if I want to comment on this song. The title says enough.

5.) Better Dig Two – The Band Perry – Sometimes when I hear a song I transfer the songs meaning to the personality of the singer. Although Kimberly Perry is really cute I’m not sure I want anyone loving me that much.

6.) Stupid Boy – Cassadee Pope – This is a beautiful cover of the Keith Urban classic. When I heard this performance on The Voice I was floored. The delicateness of Pope’s voice combined with her power builds through the song and it’s a perfect combination. It’s a cover that is better than the original.

7.) Storm Warning – Hunter Hayes – One of country’s brightest young stars.

8.) Colder Weather – Zac Brown – Zac Brown has made some classics in the short time he’s been making music and this one qualifies. In usual Zac Brown fashion the harmonies are flawless.

9.) Tattoos on This Town – Jason Aldean – I think all of us who have lived life believe they have left their mark. It doesn’t matter if you’re from a small town or not. I know I drove people nuts back in my late teens and early 20s and I had a great time doing it.

10.) Banjo – Rascal Flatts – Just a ton of banjo fun. I just picture the little banjo man in The Deliverance. I’m figuring out while typing that I like saying and typing the word banjo so I’ll stop.

11.) Springsteen – Eric Church – There are very few Springsteen songs I love. He just doesn’t speak to me but this song does so thanks Eric Church.

12.) Downtown – Lady Antebellum – I’m a big fan of Lady Antebellum. I contend they are a pop band. A very gifted musician friend of mine compared them to Fleetwood Mac and although that may at first seem like a stretch, it’s not far off.

I hope you enjoy, I promise I will revert back to my alt roots but not yet. Next weeks is going to be heavy metal jams. I will promise you that there will be no weird King Diamond or Gwar nonsense. Please click below to listen to some of my favorite country tunes.



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