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The Plumbing Info Playlist #4


St. Paddy's Day After

St. Paddy’s Day After

With St. Paddy’s day behind us and March Madness in front of us I’m certain there will be hangovers a plenty over the next few weeks. So where there are hangovers there is coffee and Redbull. By noon your crew feels like a “pile ‘O” shit in a cantaloupe patch” (What movie is that line from?) but they’re wide-awake. This is where I come in with my newest playlist. I call it Breezy Alt because it’s well nice and airy and your guys can chill out. They may get mad because you don’t have on Hair Bands of the 80s on a continual loop but by the time the playlist is done they will be as calm as kittens. So enjoy. Just so you know I will be putting together deep cut lists eventually for those ready to spread their musical wings.


Breezy Alternative

1.)  Hold You in My Arms – Ray LaMontagne – LaMontangne is the new Jim Croce with a better voice and more stuff.

2.)  1,000 Seconds – Secret Machines – This is an all time favorite. It makes me feel like Pink Floyd without David Gilmore’s iconic guitar playing.

3.)  Windows Are Rolled Down – Amos Lee – You’ll want to get in your Ford F150 and roll those windows down to get some fresh air. Play this one loud.

4.)  No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses – I am a huge fan of BOH, it’s difficult to pick just one. Their sound can be haunting but beautiful and big.

5.)  Holocene – Bon Iver – (Pronounced EE-vare) Some may not like Vernon’s auto tuned voice but this song builds as it goes, laying layer upon layer of music and sound. Give this one a good listen.

6.)  Sweet Ride – Courtney Jaye – Singer/Songwriter glory, simple, sad and glorious (“I saw Blue and he was Glorious”)

7.)  Mykonos– Fleet Foxes – This is one of my favorite songs of all time. If you haven’t picked up Fleet Foxes this song might make you try them out. I always feel like listening to this song in a forest with the scent of fresh pine needles on the ground and a crackling fire in a stone fireplace.

8.)  Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron – Newer band, good stuff so far. Only time will tell.

9.)  Librarian – My Morning Jacket – There are more popular songs by MMJ but this is my favorite. Have you ever heard a song that sounds so familiar that you think you’ve heard it before? This is one of them. It sounds like a 60s folk tune and I swear I’ve heard it in another life.

10.) Caring is Creepy – The Shins – (“You’ve gotta listen to listen to this song. It will change your life”) Different song, same band, same soundtrack, same results. Love me some Shins.

11.) Disappear Always– Wild Nothing – Simple, melodic and I love how the simple guitar riff adds to the song.

12.) Poor Animal – Zola Jesus – I’ve got nothing, just listen…..

For all of those who are disappointed there is no speed metal, screamo or countless 70s rock tunes from America and Cream sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place, although there may be a 70s rock playlist in the future. I can only listen to Sister Golden Hair so many times in my life.



Sean Kavanaugh

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