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The Plumbing Info Playlist #5

I’m sure a few of my readers are saying WTF to my playlists because some of the bands are certainly off the beaten path. Although this one is alternative it is much more mainstream. I hope you enjoy, brace yourselves, the next one is hip hop/rap.

Mainstream Alternative

1.)  Mad World – Adam Lambert – Loved the 1982 Tears for Fear version but Adam Lambert took it to a whole level with his unbelievable vocal chops. I watched this performance on American Idol (Yes I watch Idol, whatev) and my jaw dropped.

2.)  Laredo – Band of Horses – As the name of the song implies this one has a southern rock hint coupled with BOH’s impeccable harmonies and huge sound stage.

3.)  Skinny Love – Birdy – Sometimes cover tunes are better than the original and this is one of those times. The British singer Birdy released this cover of  Bon Iver’s Skinny love at the age of 14 and Birdy’s hauntingly nuanced voice belies her years. She sounds like she has the weight of several more years.

4.)  Fugitive – David Gray – I call singers like David Gray, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson etc. “Whisper Rock” and you’ll see very few of their sounds in my lists. I feel like they are being extra sensitive to bring in the “ladies”. It all sounds too contrived for me, however this one is great.

5.)  The A Team – Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran exploded onto the music scene with this song in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. This is  a very sad song but Sheeran guides it with such a complex vocal range you find yourself wondering how he did it.

6.)  All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers – Big Arena Rock, Pure Pop. I loved this song ever since my son Quinn mouthed the lyrics “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” in the back of our car at 10 months old.

7.)  Arizona – Kings of Leon – Remember when Kings of Leon were one of the biggest bands in the world? I love when bands do everything to become famous then hate fame once they’re there. They never seem to lose their penchant for dating or marrying super models. This is a KOL oldie.

8.)  The Bigger I Laugh, the Harder I Cry – Spin Doctors – Their best song EVER.

9.)  Into the Wild – LP – LP has had a ridiculous career writing for the likes of Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. You’ve probably heard this song on a commercial or two. It’s awesome.

10.) Are You On Your Way – Middle Class Rut – I’ve got nothing, listen.

11.) Can You Tell– Ra Ra Riot – A relatively new Indie rock band out of Syracuse New York. This is an incredibly hooky song and a pretty easy one to turn into an earworm.

12.) Heart Songs – Weezer – I love Weezer, as with much of their music this song has such clever lyrics and it waxes nostalgic. The song builds slowly and crescendos turning into a rocking little tune.

As always that’s for reading and I hope you like the glimpse into my musical life. I feel like music connects people I know it has for me. Have a great weekend.



Sean Kavanaugh

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