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The Plumbing Info Playlist #7

I’m sure many of you didn’t fall in love with the rap hip/hop playlist as evident by how many people listened to it but hey I love most music so those songs deserve their place. So it’s back to my favorite genre and this Plumbing Info Playlist is all about songs that make you think. These aren’t job site songs, these are songs you sit back and really listen to. Buy yourself a great set of ear buds I really like the Munitio SV model click the hyper link to view them. These songs deserve great head phones. These are tunes I get lost in so enjoy.


Deep Thoughts (Not Jack Handy) Playlist #7

1.)  Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight

2.)  Never is a Promise – Fiona Apple – Fiona Apple is one of the most gifted but frustrating talents in musical history. She makes

Plumbing Info Playlist

Fiona Apple

great music in spite of herself. Every record since her first Tidal seems to be an exasperated “Oh OK I’ll do it” There is nothing worse than an immensely talented musician that has to be begged to make music. This is one of my favorites by Fiona.

3.)  New Slang – The Shins – If the other Shins song didn’t exactly change your life this one will. It was the song featured in The Garden State sound track.

4.)  Geraldine – Glasvegas – I mentioned my love of Scottish bands, well you can add this band to my love affair.

5.)  Where I Stood – Missy Higgins – There is nothing like loving someone so much you’ll let them go. Listen up, Missy Higgins is great.

6.)  Line of Fire – Junip – I have to say this is probably the most haunting song I’ve listen to in the last few years. A lot has to do withPlumbing Info Playlist and Junip the video, which can be seen here. The video is so well done and so emotional that it can bring you to tears. Thanks Lynette Aquilina for turning me on to this tune.

7.)  Black Star – Radiohead – It is really blasphemous to have just one Radiohead song in a playlist. This is one of those bands that deserve their own playlist surrounded by only their own songs. Anyway love this Radiohead “oldie”.

8.)  Madder Red – Yeasayer

9.)  The Humbling River – Puscifer – Another one of Maynard James Keenan side projects distracting him from the next Tool album. In all honesty this is heavy and thought provoking song that stands alone from the large shadow cast by Tool.

10.) The Cave – Mumford & Sons – Catchy hooks, a fiddle a banjo and some great harmonies, what more could you ask for? Mumford & Sons is like the alternative version of Zac Brown.

11.) Heart On Fire– Scars On 45

12.) Two – Ryan Adams – Have you ever discovered an artist that has been out for quite sometime and you finally give them a listen and wonder “how the f**k did I miss them?” Ryan Adams is that artist for me. He makes such great music spanning so many genres I love, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, folk etc. “ I got a really good heart, I just can’t catch a break, If I could I’d treat you like you wanted me to I promise” That us such a clever line.  I think this is one of his best and I think you will to.

Listen loud and just listen. Take an hour before bed and unwind in the sound. Enjoy and have a great weekend. I apologize if there is a song missing from any of these playlists. Spotify has server issues every now and again and the playlist embeds with a missing song. Weird but common.


Sean Kavanaugh

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