The Plumbing Info Playlist #8

The Plumbing Info Playlist
Roguewave's latest

The Plumbing Info Playlist #8

Plumbing Info Playlist
Roguewave’s latest Nightingale Floors

After taking a break for Easter I am back with my latest and greatest Plumbing Info Playlist. I’m throwing a pipe wrench at my usual format. I mean who doesn’t like a bit ‘O’ change from time to time. I have a ton of favorite bands; bands that I believe deserve their own list. The band Rogue Wave is one of those bands. Every once in awhile you hear a group and you think “man this group is playing to me”, it doesn’t happen often but your next thought is how come they aren’t more popular? After listening to everything they have produced you end up being kind of glad they aren’t more popular because they are yours and any other fan of the group you meet you can kinda wink at with an unspoken “I get it too”. This is one band I wish sold more records because I truly believe they are one of the best alternative rock bands in the world and I want them to keep making music. Their blend of airy vocals and beautiful guitars combined with their hooky chorus’s make for some memorable tunes. If you don’t like them, well then they will continue to be mine. Enjoy my version of Rogue Wave’s Best.


Best of Rogue Wave Playlist #8

1.)  Publish My Love

2.)  No Magnatone

3.)  Lake Michigan – This song broke my Rogue Wave cherry and there was no walk of shame, denial or visits to the church.

4.)  Nourishment Nation

5.)  Cheaper Than Therapy

6.)  Everyday

7.)  Sightlines

8.)  Siren’s Song

9.)  Harmonium

Plumbing Info Playlist
Superb Record

10.) Love’s Lost Guarantee

11.) Eyes

12.) College

13.) Solitary Gun

14.) Christians in Black

15.) Bird on a Wire

16.) Figured it Out

17.) California

18.) Body Breaks

19.) Chicago X 12 – Another early tune that won me over.

20.) Used to it

I hope you enjoy. This is another band that sounds great with a great sound system or earphones. They make music you can sink your teeth into.



Sean Kavanaugh

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