The Plumbing Info Playlist #9

The Plumbing Info Playlist
Lookin for the Magic

The Plumbing Info Playlist #9

No Alternative Rock for this one. All my plumber buddies are probably sick of my eclectic taste in music but as promised I love most music soI’m going back, I’m going way back to when I was wee little laddy on the Southside of Chicago. We’re talking bell bottoms, sweet beards and staches, wifebeaters and Old Style. There is nothing like coming home from school to find the local drunk uncle passed out on the curb in front of the house or having the teenagers ride by cranking their tunes from the newly installed 8-track. I know, I know, the 8-track had better sound quality than cassettes. Get over it. So we’re taking the time machine back to the 70’s for some of my favorite rock tunes. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.


The Plumbing Info Playlist #9
Lookin for the Magic

Where is My 8-Track Playlist #9

1.)  The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy – My wife makes fun of me every time she hears this song. She says I think this song was written for my friends and I.

2.)  Lady – Little River Band – I’ll bet you thought I was gonna write Kenny Rogers. Maybe one day it will make one of my playlists but it won’t be this one.

3.)  Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas – Do I need to explain? Rock on.

4.)  Operator – Jim Croce – This was a musician that died way to early. He was the original singer/songwriter before the term was coined. I wish we had more of his music to listen to but what he did give was a gift.

5.)  New Kid in Town – Eagles – There are so many great tunes on this record it’s hard to pick one but I like the deep cut.

6.)  Black Water – The Doobie Brothers – Southern rock at it’s finest.

7.)  Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot – There couldn’t even be a rock star named Gordon Lightfoot anymore. I wanted to pick Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald but it would have been too much. Gosh I love that song too, he says Lake Gitchegumee. Anyway this one is a classic as well.

8.)  Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy – Bad Company – I love how some bands continue to play but there are like no original members.

The Plumbing Info Playlist #9
I gotta feeva!

9.)  (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – I can’t stop myself…..I’m sorry. “I got a feeva and the only prescription is more COW BELL” I loved the tune way, way before the classic SNL skit. This is a top 100 song of all time for me.

10.) More Than a Feeling – Boston – This band has such an interesting backstory. Tom Scholz was like a one-man band and a genius to boot. Although they have many hits this is still my favorite.

11.) Looking for the Magic – Dwight Twilley Band – From the moment I heard this song in the Movie “You’re Next” I loved it. It sounded new to me, like it was a new alt tune with a 70s vibe. I did know one thing it sounded like a #1 hit. My wife and I were surprised to hear that the single was released in 1977 and the album sold very poorly. This gem was picked up for the movie soundtrack because it sounded like it should be more popular than it was and they could pick up the rights to use the song relatively cheap. Listen and buy the song. Put some money in Dwight Twilley’s pocket.

12.) Southern Cross – Crosby, Stills & Nash – Love it, listen to it.

13.) Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band – It was the summer of 1989 we were going off to college and I think we listened to this CD every single day till we left.

There are some great tunes in this list. Plug your iPhone into your car radio, put on Spotify and rock on.


Sean Kavanaugh

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