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Picking the best plumbing tool kit is never an easy task. There are so many options available to consider that you can often feel inundated with choices. It also doesn’t help that these kits are designed with specific fixtures in mind.

This article is going to explore nine of the best plumbing tool kit selections available today. To make the list easier to understand, we will break them down into three different categories. All of the choices within each category will be listed according to their price.

A. Plumbing Tool Kits for Toilets

1. Fluidmaster Complete Toilet Repair Kit

a FluidMaster complete tank repair plumbing kit

The Fluidmaster complete toilet repair kit is an ideal choice for most homeowners. This kit is designed to fit most toilets with two-inch flush valves. It is compatible with both two and three bolt tanks and has all of the materials necessary to change the flushing mechanism.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the water saving design. You can easily customize the flapper to help save on your water consumption. The purchase price of this unit is $18.87.

2. Korky Universal Toilet Repair Kit

a Korky Universal toilet plumbing kit

The Korky plumbing repair kit for toilets is our second pick. This unit is also built for the most common two-inch flush valve types. It has all of the nuts and washers you will need to ensure that your toilet has a watertight seal after using this repair kit. No hacksaw is required to trim the excess pipe length as well.

The price of the unit is $23.99. This makes it a slightly more expensive option to consider. However, the toilet valve features Korky Quietfill technology to help reduce excess noise. It is also adjustable to fit toilet tanks of different heights.

3. Danco Hydroright Plus

a Danco Hydroright Plus plumbing tool kit

For people who want to save on water and help protect the environment, the Danco Hydroright Plus plumbing tool kit is an ideal solution. It allows you to quickly turn your existing toilet into a dual-flush design. This helps save water by offering two flush settings depending on the water level need.

The design doesn’t require any tools to assemble. It is compatible with most traditional two-inch toilet types. While the $25.98 price is slightly higher, the significant water savings it offers will pay for itself in no time at all.

B. Plumbing Tool Kits for Kitchen Sinks

1. Lasco White Plastic Pipe Replacement Kit

a Lasco white drain repair tube

The Lasco pipe replacement kit is an ideal choice for those who are dealing with a defective drain pipe in their kitchen. It is also our most budget friendly option due to its low $7.32 purchase price. This pipe is designed to fit 1 ½ inch drains that are typically seen under kitchen sinks and in bathroom fixtures.

This package includes all of the nuts necessary to make the repair. As for additional tools, you will need a wrench to tighten the drain trap once you are finished with the installation. This PVC pipe replacement kit is perfect for consumers who are seeking quality while on a tight budget.

2. Snappy Trap Drain Kit

a Snappy Trap kitchen drain repair kit

With a price of $16.79, the Snappy Trap drain kit is an excellent mid-level plumbing tool kit for most consumers. A unique thing worth mentioning about this design is that it features a flexible hose system.

This makes it a great pick for hard to reach areas and substantially reduces the average amount of time spent on traditional installations. There are other options available as well that support longer lengths if needed.

3. PlumbCraft Complete Kitchen Drain Repair Kit

a complete set of pipes and tools for sinks by PlumbCraft

For a more thorough kitchen drain repair solution, PlumbCraft’s kit may be the best solution. The $22.24 purchase price is quite a bit higher than the Lasco mode. However, it comes with a ton of additional connection types that the other model doesn’t include. For example, pipes that are suitable for both slip and direct connections.

This kit supports mounting to both the floor or the wall. In total, it has over 27 different pieces. This makes it one of the most versatile solutions for kitchen sink pipe replacement. This is why it is such a good fit for many common plumbing issues.

C. Plumbing Tool Kits for Defective Washers

1. Danco Home Washer Assortment

a Danco home washer assortment kit

The Danco home washer assortment is an ideal pick for those who are seeking a solution to leaky faucets and more. The purchase price of this unit is only $6.31. It comes with a total of 42 different pieces in each package.

The types of pieces included are a wide assortment of washers and bibb screws. All of the washers feature a durable rubber construction that is perfect for use in environments where a strong, watertight seal is important.

2. Cal Hawk Washer Assortment

a Cal Hawk washer assortment kit

With a purchase price of only $9.29, the Cal Hawk washer assortment is another excellent plumbing tool kit worth considering. For just a few more bucks, this product comes with over 141 different pieces in it.

The washers come in an assortment of 18 sizes. This makes them a great fit for a wider variety of plumbing jobs. It also has more material types than standard rubber. It comes with both fiber and klingerit gasket choices as well. When not being used, the hangable storage face is another great feature worth mentioning as well.

3. Lavelle Washer Kit

a full plumbing tool kit Lavelle washer pieces

The Lavelle washer kit is our most expensive choice with a purchase price of $24.95. However, this unit features the largest assortment of flat type rubber washers. The package comes with over 200 pieces that are color coded for easier organization.

These washers are a must have in any plumbing tool kit. The only downside worth mentioning is that it doesn’t have any other washer types besides flat. However, it is still an excellent choice for many consumers.

Summing It Up

All of the plumbing tool kit options reviewed in this article are excellent choices. They are designed to fix specific issues quickly and efficiently. Most of them do not require any additional tools as well.

Feel free to try out some of these solutions for yourself. You can tell us about your experience with them in the comments section. If you have any other plumbing tool kits you recommend, we would love to hear about them as well.

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