Plumbing Service Super Summit

Plumbing Service Super Summit

Plumbing Contractors, HVAC and Electrical Contractors Unite

I know everyone has heard this statement before but it’s both and oldie and a goodie, most of us are so busy working in the business that

Service Super Summit FLyer
The Service Super Summit

we spend little or no time working on the business. We just keep telling ourselves we can’t stop because then nothing would get done. We end up busy being in a perpetual state of busyness.

The bottom line is that successful business owners work on improving their business. They read books by other ultra successful business owners; they rub elbows with successful people both in their field and out. One of the finest quotes I’ve read comes from Brian Tracy’s bestseller Psychology of Selling “If you do what other people do, over and over again, nothing in the world can stop you from eventually getting the same results that they do.”

Now that I’ve had a chance to step away from contracting for almost two years it becomes clearer and clearer to me the mistakes we all make along the way in our businesses, and the contracting business is unique so it takes a unique perspective.


You Must Flip the Switch, You Deserve to be Successful

Over the last two years I’ve had the privilege of attending Joe Crisara’s Total Immersion Sales Summit not once but twice. (Thanks Kevin Brennan, Expert Plumbing Service, Inc.) I can say without a doubt it was the most productive sales conference I’ve been to, both personally and professionally. In the famous words of Uncle Joe “You must experience a paradigm shift” and that is exactly what happened.

Picture of sales expert Joe Crisara
“Uncle” Joe Crisara

Joe Crisara and is having their annual Service Super Summit in San Antonio, TX this year and this is a great place to start changing your mindset and working on making your business the best it can be. I like to say Iron Sharpens Iron and there will be plenty of iron at the summit. It’s time to treat your business like any other successful business and learn to improve. Stop trying to white knuckle it, there is a better way. Please click on the Summit flyer for details. You won’t be disappointed. Please fill out the form below for more details. If you’re out of the country don’t be shy this will work for you and San Antonio is a fun town. Make the trip!


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