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Saniflo Upflush Makes Life Easier

I think most home owners that don’t have a bathroom or rough plumbing for a bathroom have looked in their basements and wondered “how in the heck can I get a bathroom down here where I want it without tearing up the basement?” Well Aliza with www.qualitybath.com was nice enough to write a little piece on how the Saniflo Upflush system can make this project a ton simpler. I hope you enjoy and please don’t hesitate to call Quality Bath for your next bathroom install or remodel.

Whether you are looking to install a bathroom in a basement, under the stairs, in a garage or in a tiny closet it’s possible. What was once unfeasible was now made easily attainable with the invention of the Saniflo Upflush Toilet System. No longer will you have to deal with unworkable plumbing situations. Saniflo has successfully changed the plumbing industry forever allowing homeowners to create a bathroom where conventional plumbing is difficult or even impossible to attain.

How it works: As opposed to other toilets the Saniflo does not depend on gravity to get rid of waste. Saniflo incorporates a macerating device which rotates at 3600 RPM, completely pulverizing all waste in the toilet tank. The powerful pump then sends the waste matter through a standard waste pipe into the sewer system or septic tank. The motor is so powerful that the toilet can be installed 15 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from the soil stack. The Saniflo macerator takes over as the primary sewage system while the septic or sewer takes secondary place.
The macerator is activated as soon as the toilet is flushed and takes just 7-9 seconds per cycle, ensuring minimal power usage. Once the tank is empty the motor deactivates and the system is ready for use again.


Via connectors a shower, bath, bidet, sink, laundry sink and washing machine can be connected to the Saniflo. This allows for a complete bathroom suite to be added almost anywhere in a home.
Saniflo has created a host of product designed specifically to meet complicated plumbing situations. From the Saniflo Saniplus, which can handle four additional plumbing fixtures, to the Saniflo Sanicubic Macerating and Grinding System, designed for commercial use, there is a solution for everyone.
For a full line of Saniflo product visit www.qualitybath.com

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