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Have we told you we love Kohler toilets? If not we will tell you now. Kohler has been making great plumbing fixtures for over a century and the company continues to innovate. Their commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing is truly world class.

With all of the new water saving toilets on the market today it’s pretty easy to just pick one and leave the store or homecenter. However, we invite you to take a deeper look at Kohler’s lineup.

Kohler made a huge splash with their ultra premium toilet the Numi and you can read more about it here. We predicted that some of the features and style cues would filter down to more affordable lines and they certainly have.

The following are the noobies in Kohler’s already extensive lineup and we love all of them and for different reasons and we think you’ll like them too. There is a water closet in this list for every taste and every budget. Please let us know what you think.

Kohler Veil K-5401

OK so we came out swinging with the first one. Yes this is another ultra premium toilet and it’s list price is about $2,000.00 less than the Numi but we love it and it’s got great curves where the Numi was a box. Aesthetically, this is a very minimalist fixture but it would easily fit in a transitional bathroom because of it’s rounded shape. It’s a one-piece toilet with hidden water supply connection and packed to the brim with some luxurious features. These include:

  • A bidet with UV light and electrolyzed water for sanitation
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature settings
  • Touchscreen LCD remote
  • Quite-Close lid
  • Hands-free opening and closing
  • Automating Deodorization

Another really cool feature on the Kohler Veil K-5401 is it’s backup function that allows it to flush during power outages. We believe it’s the first toilet to have that feature built in. We’re pretty sure it won’t save you during a zombie apocalypse but it will allow you several hours of usage. A notable feature that has been omitted is the heated seat, that is probably part of the reason the list price is considerably less than its boxy companion.

Kohler San Souci K-8687

The Kohler San Souci K-8687 is still a premium toilet but with a list price of $899.00 it’s creeping into the affordability zone. This is a toilet that is solidly transitional but can easily fit into a contemporary bathroom. The toilet is complemented by the touchless flush feature. Whenever you need to flush, just hold your hand over the sensor. Aside from how convenient it is, this feature is obviously great for sanitary reasons, too.

Speaking of the way it flushes, this model was also designed with a pressure assisted AquaPiston technology, an innovation that ensures a fast, powerful flush, making the toilet very difficult to stop up. It passes the 2 year old test. Will it flush a cat? Probably not but it will take care of all of your needs on 1.28 gallons per flush, which should save you in the neighborhood of 16,500 gallons a year, without sacrificing performance. High performance while doing your part to lower your footprint. Thats a win win.

Kohler Karing K-4026

Picture of Kohler Karing toilet on white background

Now we turn our attention to another really high end toilet but one that is super unique in that it is tankless. It has no reservoir of water that is released upon engagement on the flushing mechanism. It is literally an on demand toilet. We believe that it’s design cues lean toward transition and contemporary but a case can be made for it being ok in a traditional bath as well because of its rounded curves. Because it’s tankless it’s got a real small footprint in a room. So if you need more elbow room and your wallet is fat enough this toilet is pretty cool. The Kohler Karing K-4026 is also another option that comes with a personal cleansing wand. You can operate it using the touchscreen remote. It can also control things like the heated seat and the air-dryer. A carbon filter will ensure minimal odors for up to a year, too.

As with the Kohler Veil K-5401, there is a built-in nightlight and hands-free operation of the lid.

One really neat feature of the Kohler Karing K-4026 is that you can program it to remember settings for two people. This even includes the water temperature you prefer for the bidet.

New Kohler Wellworth K-3998

Kohler Wellworth toilet

The Wellworth is the grandaddy of them all The New Kohler Wellworth K-3998 has the classic look of its namesake, which has become one of the more prevalent designs found in American toilets throughout the years. The Wellworth model is almost 80 years old and although it’s gone through a few redesigns it hasn’t strayed to far away from the original.

Fortunately, the New Kohler Wellworth K-3998 has little in common with its ancestors from the 30s, at least as far as performance is concerned.

For example, like other Kohler toilets on this list, this model will provide you with significant savings where your water bill is concerned. Its 1.28-gallon flush setting could save you about 16,500 gallons every year.

This two-piece toilet has an elongated bowl for extra room and comfort but it is available in a round front toilet as well. Single-flush gravity technology and Kohler’s canister flush valve harness ensures a powerful flush.

Kohler Tresham K-3950

Traditional Kohler Toilet Trisham

The Tresham is another on our list and it is a personal favorite. It is in the same style line with the Kohler Memoirs but it’s style cues lean more towards Art Deco. The Memoirs fits solidly in a traditional bathroom and even though the two are similar the Tresham can be installed in either a traditional or transitional bathroom and look the part. It’s simple but elegant with a Shaker-style — reminiscent of the furniture. The Tresham line up of fixtures is a style statement and we love it.

Of course, it doesn’t lack in terms of performance, either. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which, as we just mentioned, will save you water and money. This one also uses AquaPiston technology and a flush valve that allows the water to be pushed through the toilet 360 degree allows for superior bowl cleaning and a great flush.

Kohler Reve K-3797

Finally, we’ll end on a modern note with the Kohler Reve K-3797, which stands in great contrast to the other Kohler toilets we just covered. We spoke of design and engineering elements filtering down to lower priced toilets and this is certainly one of the toilets that benefitted from the Numi. As you can tell it is square, just like the Numi and the seat is also square. Which through much testing Kohler found is a more comfortable seating surface. So you get some cool features from the Numi at less than 25% of the price. Make no mistake this is a premium toilet but it is not untouchable in terms of a buy price.

The compact elongated bowl on this model actually occupies the same space as a more traditional round-front bowl would. Therefore, while its aesthetics may make it look diminutive, that is not the case.

You’ll have two flushing options with the Kohler Reve K-3797: .8 or 1.6 gallons. It also has a Rêve seat, which comes with Quiet-Close technology.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Kohler toilets provide plenty of options, in terms of budget, technology, and style. It’s no wonder the company has been so wildly popular. If you’re currently in the market, one of the six Kohler toilets we just covered will probably be a perfect fit.



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