Sloan Flushmate Offers Superior Technology To Help Conserve Water

Sloan Flushmate and Toilet Bowl

Sloan Flushmate Toilets Are The Smart Option For Water Conservation

Having a Sloan flushmate toilet system featured in a home or in a commercial building is the smartest step that can be taken to help conserve water. A flushmate system is a pressure-assist system that is installed inside of a toilet that has been specially designed to feature this technology. A Sloan flushmate toilet uses the pressure already found in water supply lines to help to give them the pressure needed for them to work properly.

Sloan Flushmate and Toilet BowlMany of today’s top toilet manufacturers offer toilets with a smart flushmate system including American Standard, Glacier Bay, Mansfield, Kohler, Gerber and Niagara. Toilets must be specially designed to feature a flushmate system since standard toilets that are gravity fed cannot be fitted with this system. A Sloan flushmate toilet consistently meets or exceeds customers expectations for reliability, exceptional performance and for water conservation.

Flushmate technology is featured today in many schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings, as well as being a fixture in many homes. Anyone with an interest in exceptional functionality along with the extra benefit of being able to help to conserve water for our future will love the features of a flushmate toilet.

Many Benefits Of Flushmate Toilet System of Sloan

Flushmate toilets are non-sweating since the water is contained inside of the system. There is no need for insulation and the floor area always stays dry.

The water saved by a flushmate toilet ranges from twenty percent to forty-five percent. This is huge in areas that are experiencing drought conditions and that must conserve water for the future.

Flushmate toilets simply perform better than traditional toilets. Users love the exceptional performance and water saving benefits they experience.

High Quality Sloan Flushmate Parts Are Readily Available

If any parts ever need replacing in a Sloan flushmate toilet system, all genuine parts are readily available. Parts are easy to find, along with advice for Sloan flushmate troubleshooting. By referring to the Sloan flushmate manual, the instructions given there are clear and parts can be easily replaced.

When searching for parts for this flushmate toilet brand, it is often helpful to know a model number or serial number for the toilet. Even if those numbers are not available, shopping for parts can still be done easily because many times the flushmate system parts of Sloan are grouped according to the type of part.

Easy access to parts when they are needed and the many readily available parts make owning a Sloan flushmate toilet a pleasure. This easily accessibility and availability allows owners of high quality water saving flushmate toilets to continue to experience the Sloan flushmate toilet advantage for many years to come.

Sloan Flushmate Troubleshooting

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