Benefits Of A Standing Shower: High-End Features

Benefits of a Standing Shower

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel or building a new house, check out the benefits of installing a standing shower.

In many homes, you’ll find a combination shower and bathtub. But, some choose to install shower separate from the bath. If you’re building a house or remodeling your bathroom, you may have considered following this path yourself. But, what exactly are the benefits of having a standing shower?Below we’ve outlined some of the most significant benefits of installing a standing shower. Keep reading to discover how this seemingly simple addition to your home can add value to your life.

Space Efficiency

The average size for a full bathroom in a small home is 36-40 square feet. While this may sound relatively spacious at first, in reality, it’s usually only 5 feet by 8 feet. Occasionally you’ll see a bathroom that is 6 feet by 6 feet. Either way, when you consider what all has to fit into a bathroom, you quickly realize how little space is indeed available.Many homes solve this problem by just installing a bathtub and shower combo. But, if you rarely take baths or have multiple bathrooms in your home, you may want to consider a stand-alone shower.

Small Footprint

While there are indeed some luxurious showers that take up just as much space as your typical shower-tub combo, many on the market today have a much smaller footprint. In fact, if your bathroom space is especially cramped, it’s possible to install a shower in as little as 30 square inches.

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Unique Designs

In addition to having a small footprint, installing a shower without a tub can lead to better space utilization. For example, many stand-alone showers sit as a wedge in the corner. This design option allows bathrooms to feel more spacious and leads to a larger open area in the room.Additionally, because showers are so petite; you can install them in unexpected places. For instance, if you have an upstairs bathroom that features an eave, it may be possible to fit a shower under the slanted ceiling. For this idea to work, the eave must be reasonably tall on one side so that you can shower comfortably.Glass enclosed showers can also make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Even though these showers still require a minimum of thirty square inches, the see-through enclosure trick the eye. Because you can see the entirety of the shower’s interior from anywhere in the room, it makes the place seem more substantial than it is.

Beautiful Design

Even if space conservation is not your primary concern, you may still find value in exploring the vast array of beautifully designed standing showers. Because showers are much more flexible in design and size than bathtubs or combination sets, it is possible to turn almost any bathroom into an oasis.

Glass Enclosures

Above, we mentioned using glass enclosures as a way to create visual space in your bathroom. What we didn’t say was how insanely gorgeous glass enclosures could be. Showers with glass doors and walls look modern, sleek, and almost spa-like.To get the most out of a glass-enclosed shower, be sure to install attractive shower walls. Beautiful tile work, stunning natural stone, or even affordable acrylics can make for an impressive backdrop to your glass enclosed shower.

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Natural Lighting

By choosing to install a stand-alone shower, you may save yourself enough wall space that you can add a window to your bathroom. Adding a window to your bathroom will let in natural light and add a sense of serenity to the room. Plus, an added window will give you the ability to air out your bathroom thoroughly.


If space is not a concern for you, a large stand-alone shower with a comfortable bench seat will make any bathroom feel like a spa. Chairs are excellent for those with mobility struggles and quietly sitting and relaxing. Plus, if you have limited space for toiletries, an added bench can hold as many soaps, shampoos, and body products as you want.


You’ve probably heard it before; showers use less water than bathtubs. But what exactly does that mean for the average homeowner? And is it that big of a difference?

Environmental ImpactFirst and foremost, using less water in your daily showers has a positive effect on the environment. In general, showers use less water than baths. How much water you save depends upon the type of shower head installed and the length of your average shower.

But, even without a specialty shower head, you would have to shower for more than 20 minutes or longer to use up as much water as a bath.In addition to saving water, using a shower will also use less energy than a bath. No matter whether your water heater is powered by electricity or natural gas, you will need to heat less water for your average shower.

Lower Utility Bills

Along with doing what’s best for the environment, choosing a shower over a bath will likely save money on your utility bills. Because showers use less water than baths, your water bill will generally be lower. But, using less hot water will also decrease your energy bill as well.Keep in mind that even if you take the hottest showers, you can stand, the simple act of showering instead of bathing will require less hot water and therefore less energy. This choice will, in turn, cause your energy bill to decrease over time.

Easy Access

Unlike your typical tub, a standing shower is easily accessed by those with mobility issues. Because these stand-alone stalls typically feature a walk-in design, they are not as hard to get into and out of that tubs with high sides.This ease of access makes stand-alone showers an excellent choice for those with elderly family members. Also, while many parents prefer tubs for toddlers and very young children, stand-alone showers can be a great option for older kids just learning to bathe independently.Even when stand-alone showers do not have a walk-in design, the step into them is much more shallow than any tub. Plus, cleaning a shower will likely be more comfortable for those with limited mobility than cleaning a bathtub.

Installation Costs

As with any home improvement or building project, there will be costs associated with installation. When it comes to showers versus tubs versus combination setups, it’s hard to say which is best. However, if you are looking for the most cost-effective option, and have no need for a tub, a simple stand-alone shower could be most affordable.Of course, installation fees and the cost of materials will vary significantly depending on the options you choose.

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High-End Features

So far we’ve mentioned a few of the space and cost-saving features associated with showers when compared to bathtubs. But, what if you have ample space and a generous budget? Can you still benefit from installing a shower without a tub?If you’re looking to create a sense of luxury and grandeur in your home, check out some of these unique features that you can include in stand-alone showers.

Spacious Showers

While many standing showers are space savers, they don’t have to be. If you’ve got the room in your budget, consider installing a large stand-alone shower. Spacious showers cultivate a sense of luxury and will undoubtedly prevent any claustrophobic feelings you may get.The size of your shower ultimately depends upon the size of your bathroom. But, if you’re building a new house or remodeling a large bathroom, feel free to design the shower of your dreams. Large showers can include multiple shower heads, benches for comfort, or even a free standing tub.

Specialty Shower Heads

When it comes to high-end showers, the type of shower head you have can make an ordinary experience feel outstanding. There are many different types of shower heads available on the market today at a wide variety of price points.While specialty shower heads generally do not save as much as water as the eco-friendly variety, they are well-suited to your desires. A few examples of specialty shower heads are those that create waterfall effects or raindrop effects. Some other specialty shower heads make excellent massage tools.

Top of the Line Materials

In addition to spaciousness and feature-packed shower fixtures, high-end stand-alone showers often feature high-quality materials. For those with an impressive budget, the options available are almost limitless.When choosing a material for your shower walls, it must be something well suited for the moist conditions found in a bathroom. Ideally, you’ll want something durable as well. Many stunning effects can be created with porcelain and ceramic tiles. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury, natural stone can also be used within your stand-alone shower.All in all, the choice of shower or bath is up to the homeowner. However, these showers come with a wide array of benefits. Whether you are looking to improve a small space or embellish a luxurious bathroom, choosing a stand-alone shower is an excellent decision to make.

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