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They’re are Great Plumbers in Your Area

We at The Plumbing Info believe it’s time to give a shout out to all of the local plumbers that service their respective areas. We consider a

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Help Out Your Local Plumber

local plumber to be one that services a thirty mile radius from a physical address. If it’s good enough for Google than it’s good enough for us to use as a criteria. Local plumbers live, spend, worship and support the community in addition to providing a valuable service.

Some Plumbing Companies That Advertise in Your Area Aren’t Real Plumbing Companies

You may not be aware of this however quite a few of the plumbing contractors that advertise in the local phone directory are not really “local plumbers”. More and more of the premium ads i.e. double page, color, front cover etc. are companies that are out of the area. There is nothing wrong with a company advertising in as many publications is they can afford and in areas they think they can service properly but some of the advertisements are misleading to the consumer.

A tactic that many plumbing service companies use is they advertise in every book in a metropolitan area and end up being a glorified dispatch service. You may call XYZ plumbing and the plumber that comes to your house is in a van with an entirely different name printed on it than the company you called. Some times the company has no service vehicles of it’s own and has “independent servicemen” doing their plumbing repairs.
Here are some concerns we have regarding these type of tactics and some ways to avoid the confusion before the repairs are performed.

Ask Informed Questions

Is this the plumber you want in your home?

Is this the plumber you want in your home?

If the company that is advertising the service sends a service vehicle with a different name printed on the back you have to ask yourself why? There are plenty of business owners that own multiple businesses in the same field but you as a consumer have the right to ask why the company you called isn’t the company being sent.

With that being said this sort of bait and switch brings up a whole new set of issues. Plumbing service contractors are usually required to publish their license number in their advertisements. If the service company dispatches an “independent serviceman” who has the license? Does the plumbing technician? Who has the worker’s compensation insurance? Who is guaranteeing the work, the product, technician conduct, etc., etc.?

Here are a few questions you can ask the person on the phone before they send out a service technician.

Because quite few of these companies only show a toll free number, ask if they have a physical location.

You can say “I see that you have your plumbing license number on the ad in the (name of the phone directory), I assume all of your service technicians are licensed as well?”

If the company you call is in fact a dispatch type of service company, who carries the insurance? The ad may say that the company is licensed bonded and insured but in fact their independent service technicians are required to carry the insurance, workers comp and general liability. Who wants the hassle of calling one company to do a service call, get someone completely different out to the job and then have to worry about who is responsible for any problems that may arise?

A Plumbing Contractor Can Own a Franchise of Another Name

Ben Franklin Franchise Logo

Ben Franklin Franchise Logo

Let us add that there quite a few franchises that offer fine plumbing service and those franchises are frequently owned and operated by an actual plumbing contractor with a different name i.e. Ben Franklin. They provide standardization in pricing, customer service, human resource and business practices as a well as lead generation. However unlike other dispatch services Ben Franklin demands a certain level of service and professionalism not to mention the franchisee has a vested interest in making sure they maintain a high level of service.

Don’t Forget Your Local Plumber

So don’t forget to use your local plumbing companies that serve your areas. They add value to your local commerce as well as provide an essential service.
Please note, this is not an endorsement for any franchise plumbing service. This is just an example of how a franchise service company can differ from a service dispatch company.

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