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Removing a shower head is usually a simple process to take care of, whether you’re planning on cleaning, replacing it, or even updating a part instead. If you have troubles, there are alternate ways to take care of the process, all with minimal supplies needed. Try these methods to handle your shower head removal project!

Option 1: Remove By Hand

While a shower head does stay secure when you read high-pressure water through it, you can remove it by hand without any other tools. Depending on the design of your shower, you may need to grip the showerhead itself or a connecting bolt. All you need to do is turn it counterclockwise to screw off the head.

Sometimes, a tightly screwed on showerhead may require a little more leverage to take off successfully. In this case, you can use your opposite hand to hold onto the shower pipe. If you do this, be careful not to bend or move the shower pipe in the process.

Option 2: Using a Wrench or Adjustable Pliers

If you can’t get the showerhead off by hand, you may need a tool to help. A wrench or adjustable pliers will get the job done. Again, you’ll want to unscrew the connecting nut. If you don’t want to risk damaging the connector, you can place a towel over the bolt before using the pliers or wrench.

Option 3: Cleaning a Stuck Shower Head

Sometimes, even using a tool isn’t enough to unscrew the connection between the showerhead and pipe. This problem usually happens because deposits have built up between the two, making it difficult to take apart. Some materials that can cause trouble for this process include:

  • Rust
  • Lime
  • Calcium

If you can’t remove your showerhead even while using pliers or a wrench, then you likely need to remove the build up first. See if you can identify what’s causing the problem by checking the showerhead for signs of rust or other minerals. You can then treat the shower head with the appropriate remover or even vinegar to help loosen up materials.

To treat, partially fill a resealable bag with vinegar or another cleaning product, then place over the showerhead. Seal up the sides, then leave to soak for a few hours or overnight. If you have an adjustable shower nozzle, you can also soak it in a pan or other container for the same amount of time. Once done, use a wrench or pliers again to finish the job!

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