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Sloan Flushmate Toilets Go Hands Free

The Sloan Flushmate has been blowing people away with its performance from the minute it was introduced in the early 90s. It was “the” toilet to buy in the dark days of 1.6GPM toilets.

Using a Sloan Flushmate equipped toilet serves two purposes. On the residential side it gives the homeowner the peace of mind having a premium toilet with one-flush performance. On the commercial/industrial side it provides flush valve like power on a traditional toilet rough-in.

Let’s explain a little further, if a building was engineered for tank type toilets the water service is probably too small to handle a retro-fit using all flush valve toilets. So if a building is having performance issues because it’s tenants have changed or the building’s function has changed the only toilet available to give the owner performance they can rely on is Flushmate.

However as we move into hands free plumbing fixtures to improve hygiene and green technologies to conserve water and energy using the Flushmate had it’s drawbacks.

Introducing one of Sloan’s newest products the IntelliFlush Automatic Flushing System. It is a retro flush kit that will fit on most Sloan Flushmate equipped toilets, it turns your lever actuated tank type toilet into a infrared battery operated hands free toilet.

The retrofit installation in simple and you get current technology with the performance and ease ofmaintenance of a hands free flush valve. Take a look at the informational sheet below for complete details and once again thanks to Paul DeBoo with Sloan Sloan Flushmate Division for the print ready info sheet. Sloan’s continued support of our efforts is much appreciated.

Sloan Flushmate Intelli-flush

Please click on the above for a printable PDF

Sloan Flushmate Intelli-flush

Please click on the above for a printable PDF

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