The Pearl Jam 25 Playlist #23

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The Plumbing Info Playlist #23

I’m sure there are quite a few of you out there in my age bracket 35 – 50 that feel the same way about Pearl

Pearl Jam
One of the greatest records of all time

Jam. The record “10” simply defined a generation. They followed it up the equally iconic “Vs” and never looked back. Did they go through a bit of an experimental stage? Sure, but so did most of the great bands, can you say “Yellow Submarine”, “Zooropa” or “Pet Sounds”? The great thing is that Pearl Jam continues to crank out great rock music and along with U2 and The Foo Fighters, they remain one of the world’s most influential bands. If you don’t enjoy Pearl Jam I suppose I understand, I don’t like the Rolling Stones or Elvis but I won’t ever deny their influence on music and no one can deny Pearl Jam’s. Sit back and enjoy.

P.S. I realize that there are some serious PJ fans out there that may feel slighted that their song/s aren’t on the list. Just know, my original set was 50 songs deep. I tried to give our listeners a bit from all of the stages of PJ’s evolution.

Pearl Jam’s Best 25 #23

1.) Release – Ten – I can’t think of a better song to begin this list. It’s one of my favorite songs to hear live because the crowd gets into it big time.

2.) State of Love and Trust – Singles Soundtrack – This song originally appeared on the iconic “Singles” soundtrack. It was included on Pearl Jams 2004 Greatest Hits record.

3.) Life Wasted – Pearl Jam – This song is off of Pearl Jam’s 2006 self-titled album and I think it was their return to form. It was the end of their experimental stage and they rocked that shit out.

4.) Corduroy – Vitalogy

5.) Smile – No Code – This record was the beginning of PJ’s “I don’t want to be the biggest rock band in the world phase” and it was met with mixed reviews. I wasn’t a huge fan of the record but I loved this song. I can just picture Eddie Vedder trying his damnedest to smile that crazy smile of his but hating every second of it.

6.) Brain of J – Yield – The awesome thing about PJ is that you can go back to their catalog, some of which you may not have liked at the time of release and finally “get” a song or three.

7.) Go – Vs Pearl Jam

8.) World Wide Suicide – Pearl Jam

9.) Alive – Ten – One of the top 10 greatest song of all time…period.

10.) Better Man – Vitalogy – I love bands that can tap into some deeper lyrics. Sadness, strength and acceptance all wrapped up in a PJ bow.

11.) Hail, Hail – No Code

12.) Daughter – Vs

13.) Save You – Riot Act

14.) Immortality – Vitalogy – I guess this would be considered a “deep cut”. This definitely shows the more sensitive side of PJ.

15.) Animal – Vs

16.) Even Flow – Ten – You could debate that every song on Ten should be here but that wouldn’t be very interesting. Even Flow makes the cut.

17.) Yellow Ledbetter – Lost Dogs – I’ve been listening to this song since it was released and I just took the time to look up the lyrics. I can honestly say that even after knowing the lyrics I still don’t know WTF the song is about and I don’t care cause’ it’s a jam.

Pearl jam lyric
Now you know at least one line

18.) Given to Fly – Yield – This song just makes me happy. The rather quite start and then the soaring vocals, this song was made for stadiums.

19.) Elderly Woman Behind The Counter – Vs

20.) Black – Ten – There are many PJ fans that think this is the best song off of Ten. I don’t know about the best but it’s pretty effing good.

21.) Nothingman – Vitalogy

Pearl Jam22.) Sirens – Lightening Bolt

23.) Jeremy – Ten – You didn’t think I would leave off Jeremy did you? I couldn’t do it even though I have other favorites that deserve it just as much.

24.) Dissident – Vs – This is a top 10 PJ song for me.

25.) Red Mosquito – No Code – I thought I’d end this list with a true PJ fan song. This song has some awesome musical layers. Give it a listen or two and you’ll hear it.


This is a funny list, there are PJ records I like more than others and some I down right didn’t like upon release. However, after looking at the songs I love now, I can see that every record had truly great songs. Pearl Jam’s music has aged like a fine wine. I dare you to listen to 10 and say it isn’t still relevant. If it were released today it would be #1 around the world. I don’t think you can say that about many albums that are 25 years old.


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