Top 10 Lavatory Faucets Under $300.00

The Best Lavatory Faucets For The Budget Conscience

I have people message me quite often asking what my favorite toilets, sump pumps, kitchen sink faucets etc. Ask and you shall receive. This is my very first top ten list and I’m gonna start out with lavatory faucets under $300.00 because…well $300.00 will get you a pretty nice faucet and it won’t break the bank. This is obviously a very subjective topic but I have favorites I believe can fit into any bathroom regardless of style.

Moen Monticello

#10 Moen Monticello Line – The Moen Monticello line is near and dear to my heart. It arrived on the scene in the early 90’s and I personally ordered several thousand of them over the course of 20 years. I’ve had them in my house and they are still in my father’s house and look as good as the day they were put in. Some of the colors have changed but the design remains unchanged. It’s a faucet with traditional lines and it’s made of solid brass with ceramic cartridges and it’s worth every penny. Because the design hasn’t changed it my not be in everyone’s wheelhouse but I still believe it stands the test of time as long as you don’t want it in white with brass accents. It’s LifeShine finishes are guaranteed for life and believe me they last. Price $200.00-$300.00

American Standard Portsmouth


#9 American Standard Portsmouth Centerset Lavatory Faucet – This is one of those faucets we install in a bathroom that isn’t getting completely remodeled. The vanity top or pedestal is drilled for a 4” center faucet so there isn’t much wiggle room as to the type of faucet you can install. The AS Portsmouth is another traditional faucet in a mini widespread configuration which means it has two handles like a widespread faucet but it sits on a base for 4” centers. It has solid brass construction. It comes in 3 finishes, chrome, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Price $90.00 – $200.00


Hansgrohe Talis E
Hansgrohe Talis E


#8 Hansgrohe Talis E Single Hole Lavatory Faucet – If you’ve read the site over the last 6 years you’ll know I love Hansgrohe. I’ve used most of their lines from the ultra premium Axor line to the very affordable Talis E. This faucet is a more contemporary but it will blend with any décor. You cannot go wrong with construction quality of a Hansgrohe faucet even at this price point Price $100.00


#7 Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet – There was a time in the mid 90’s that Kohler’s faucets were less than spectacular. I am happy to say that is no longer the case the Devonshire Line along with many others is a best buy. It’s a super stylish traditional widespread faucet that is also well built with a lifetime finish guarantee. Price $200.00 – $250.00

Kohler Devonshire


Danze Parma

#6 Danze Parma Single Handle Faucet – Danze was introduced in the US in 2001 and has quickly become a player in the kitchen and bath ware market. Their fresh designs and build quality helped muscle their way into a marketplace already filled with great products. The Danze Parma is one of my favorite contemporary designs boosting a single handle and a single-hole drilling. My favorite finish on this particular faucet is chrome however it does come in brushed nickel as well. We have installed over a hundred Danze faucets over the years with a less than 1% call back record. They stand behind their products. Price $170.00 – $250.00


#5 Symmons Elm Single Handle Lavatory Faucet – I’ve always been a huge fan of Symmons. To say I put in several Symmons Scot metering faucets would be an understatement. So when Symmons geared up and began designing and manufacturing faucets for the residential markets some 6 years ago I was in. Although it’s taken a bit of time for residential plumbers to change their views on Symmons they are well on their way and one of my favorites is the Symmons Elm Single Handle. Although it has traditional lines with it’s flared base I believe it perfectly straddles the line between traditional and transitional. It comes in three finishes; chrome plated, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Price $150.00 – $210.00

Symmons Elm Single Handle

#4 Toto Connelly Widespread Lavatory Faucet – Toto is one of the finest manufacturers of plumbing wares in the world. It should be of no surprise that they have a faucet in my top 10. The Connelly Widespread is by far my favorite Toto faucet at any price point. It’s really one of the only faucets on the list that I believe can be used comfortably in a traditional, transitional or contemporary bathroom. It’s got a perfect combination of flared bases and sharp contemporary lines. Price $290.00

Toto Connelly
Toto Connelly


#3 Hansgrohe Metris C Single Handle Faucet – The Hansgrohe Metris C is transitional faucet that looks also looks comfortable in a contemporary bathroom. It has clean lines with a little flare at the base. It’s simple single handle function is super kid friendly and it’s single hole design keeps your vanity, vessel or basin clutter free. Once again you can’t go wrong with Hansgrohe build quality. Price $250.00

Hansgrohe Metris C Single Handle


#2 Grohe Fairborn Widespread Lavatory Faucet – This faucet was nearly #1 on my list. It’s on the high-end of the price spectrum but honestly, it’s worth every penny. It’s a tank and if you purchase one you’ll have and enjoy it for many many years. Although my style has edged more firmly in the transitional direction I’m a sucker for a beautiful faucet that has one foot in each design lane. The Fairborn fits that bill. Price $235.00 – $250.00

Grohe Fairborn Widespread
Grohe Fairborn Widespread

#1 Moen Voss Series Widespread Faucet – Every once in awhile a faucet gets released that talks to you a bit, the Voss does it for me. It is firmly transitional and I think it’s a beautiful representation of what transitional means. It’s got beautiful lines everywhere and its build quality is right up there with the best of what Moen has produced. I’ve put them in but I think I’d like one for myself. Price $240.00

Moen Voss Widespread
Moen Voss Widespread


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