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Practical Ideas for Bathroom Makeovers for 2014

Bathroom Makeovers are probably one of the cost effective ways to increase the value of your home as well as increase comfort. A bathroom is probably the most private space in a home; where you can stay undisturbed. It’s the place where you take a relaxing bath after a tiring day, to rejuvenate and relax. A bathroom makeover becomes essential when your bathroom doesn’t provide you the desired functionality or the coziness. This year, bathroom designs are about maximum functionality and style. This post lists 4 bathroom makeover ideas for 2014.

1. Choose Neutral Colours

bathroom makeovers

Keep it neutral and make a splash with accessories

Choose neutral colours for your bathroom walls and tiles. Soft and subtle shades of white, yellow, gray and beige are the best options for bathroom colors. You can add some spirit and colour to the space with accessories in bold colours like red, blue, green and even black. A neutral color gives your bathroom a soft and cozy look that is welcoming and relaxing. In addition if resale value is a concern having plumbing fixtures in bubble gum pink isn’t exactly a selling feature.

2. Floating Vanity

Even though floating vanities have been here for a while now, these are still an essential part of the best bathroom makeovers.

Picture of a wall hung vanity

Functionality and high style

A floating vanity is the perfect sanitary installation for your bathroom as it provides functionality and space. This gives a spacious look to tight areas. It also gives the bathroom a cleaner and crisp look as well as giving you the functionality of a vanity but keeping the cabinet off the floor.

3. Curbless Showers

Picture of glass shower with no threshold

No threshold shower

One of the most modern ideas for a contemporary looking bathroom is a curbless shower. Even though a curbless shower requires more space than the traditional shower head, it’s more fun and chic. The concept behind a curbless shower is to place the drain in a location so the water drains quickly so no water runs out of the opening. A curbless shower can also be ADA accessible so this upgrade can also make it easier for you or your family if disability is a factor. Also because people are staying in their houses longer it may even help you the home owner as you age.

4. Ledges

Ledges have always been part of a functional bathroom and never go out of style. Since 2014 bathroom styles are all about functionality

Picture of bath with LED Fireplace

Ledges. Ledges everywhere

with elegant designs, so bathroom ledges are a must have. These ledges provide additional space to keep things such as shampoo, soaps, and other bathroom accessories. Bathroom ledges are also great to add a decoration piece or two to give the space a more personal look.

Bathroom renovation becomes necessary, especially in situations when your bathroom needs a full-fledged plumbing overhaul. This mostly happens with old bathrooms; runny taps, overflowing drains, bursting pipes, etc. To make sure you get your plumbing needs addressed efficiently, and your bathroom renovations done perfectly, you must hire a professional plumber.

A professional plumber understands the dos and Don’ts of plumbing and is qualified to do the job expertly. He or she can identify potential loopholes in plumbing and can fix them for you. Also, a plumber has better market knowledge about different sanitary accessories, so he or she can even help you get bathroom accessories at better rates. Plumbers in Melbourne can help you with all sorts of plumbing needs anytime of the day.

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Alan Alaxandar is a freelance writer that has experience in writing for small businesses currently he is writing for Doherty Plumbing Solutions who provides plumbing solutions in Melbourne, Australia. Find Alan on Twitter, Facebook, and on Google+

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