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Famous Plumbers, Mario BrothersWhether you appreciate their work, or simply enjoy a great joke at their expense, plumbers are laughing with you. Dealing with nasty waste is just one function of a plumber, but is necessary to us all. So go ahead and chuckle at this non-dinner-table-friendly yet necessary topic, the real plumbers out there are right there with you. Here is a list of some of the world’s most famous plumbers, real and fictional.

1. Mario Brothers

These comical, yet well-meaning fictional plumbers came on the scene over three decades ago. From video games to TV shows, the Mario Brothers may have plumbed a fountain of youth considering their continued agelessness.

2. Thomas Crapper

You can thank this man for the eternal term – Crap. Its use has benefitted mankind for ages. Crapper was a large supplier of toilets during World War I. Soldiers began calling toilets crappers and the rest is history.

3. Ozzy Osbourne

That’s right. The prince of darkness himself was at one time a plumber. It must be funny to say that Ozzy plunged your toilet.

4. Joe the Plumber

During the elections of 2008, a plumber by the name of Joe Wurzelbacher was given a microphone during a tour-stop of then Candidate Obama. What transpired became history, turning this no-name plumber into a national symbol.

5. Sir Michael Caine

Few know that this accomplished, award-winning actor was a plumber. After serving for the army in Korea, Caine started his new career as a plumber. Deciding that he wasn’t into plumbing, Caine went on to his renowned acting career.

6. James Denton

Denton was the fictional character on the TV show, Desperate Housewives. This fictional plumber was of a different breed, able to have his way with the ladies and popularly take part in a crazy little fictional American neighborhood.

7. John Harrington

This name, which many outside of the trades world do not often recognize, is of the original inventor of the first toilet. His crucial work in 1596 led to what we all sit on today.

8. Bob Hoskins

This fairly well known actor starred in many films such as Hook, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Before his acting contributions, Hoskins was a plumber. Eventually, Hoskins even portrayed the fictional Mario Brother Plumbers in the popular movie.

Believe it or not, you probably know of several other plumbers and have no idea. Their work isn’t appealing to us all. But thank goodness they do the dirty work, so we don’t have to. Here’s to all of you plumbers out there, for laughs, and for necessity.

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