Top Products the Consumer can Use for Plumbing Repair and Service

Plumbing products

Thrift – We don’t like to recommend chemicals to clear drainline blockages because they can be dangerous and most don’t work very well. However Thrift works and works well. In order for Thrift to work properly the drain must moving slowly. If there is no drainage in the bathtub, shower or sink Thrift is not effective. Please read the manufacturers directions for proper application.

Cool Gel by LA-CO – When the company first came in to show us the product we literally fell off of our chairs. You can take a piece of cardboard spray with Cool Gel, take your propane torch and bow it right on the spot where the gel is built up, while holding that piece of cardboard in your hand. It’s used to spray on 2 x 4s, drywall plywood, etc to eliminate the risk of flammable material from catching fire and it absorbs heat.

Closet Flange Extension Rings – If you’ve ever had new flooring or tile put in your bathroom and you find the closet collar is too low, or maybe you’re attempting to install a new toilet and the existing collar is low. A closet flange extension ring fits right on top of the closet flange and brings it up to the floor level. No more double wax rings or building it up with ton of putty.

Plumbing productsBio Clean – Bio Clean is many things, drain cleaner, Garbage Disposal cleaner and can be used to maintain your septic field. This product does not work the way traditional drain cleaners work, it releases good enzymes that literally eat away the biodegradable waste in the waste system. We like to think of this product as a waste system maintenance product, also there is no better product that you can put in your garbage disposal to eliminate offense odor.

Root-X – Root Killer. In most mature communities around the country the trees although beautiful tend to become a nuisance to your sewer lines. Fine hair like roots seek water and a sewer line is as good a place as any. No mater what kind of tool or how much you rod, these filament will grow back after they are cut. You’re best bet is to put a root killer in the sewer line to halt the growth of these roots. Not all root killer are the same, most run mixed with water on the bottom of the sewer pipe. If the roots hang all the way down to the water some will die but the rest that are hanging from the top of the pipe never get touched. Root X foams upon contact with water, so as you rinse it down the sewer line it’s killing agents are hitting the entire inside of the pipe killing everything inside. There are other foaming root killers on the market but this was one of the first and it works really well.

Everprime by Waterless- Most people who have floor drains in their home or office have had occasions where there is a sewer smell that they can’t find. Most times there is a floor drain in the area that has evaporated letting sewer gases back into the living or working space. You can “prime the trap” once every six months or add Everprime to the traps. This is a liquid that seals the trap by floating on the water not allowing the water to evaporate. It’s also got a clean smell as well.

Gel Gloss Acrylic Polish – This cleans and polishes more than just acrylic and fiberglass it also seals marble. You can get it in an aerosol spray can or squirt bottle or can.

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