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Training The Next Generation: The Rise Of The Plumbers

The age bracket between 16 and 18 is about as important as any other age range in anyone’s life. People make a lot of important life decisions during this period, and if they’re not careful those ‘bad’ decisions could end up being horror stories. The trouble lies with the amount of pressure put on students in this age range. They have exams to undertake, assessments to pass; it’s a pressure-cooker of emotion, ambition, and dedication. Many students question their actions, asking themselves what do I next, how do I go about doing this, where will this lead me and is this the right decision but on the other hand many are so confused because the growing options available are so vast they have no clue about the future and end up settling for the easiest most convenient option available to them.


Training Our Future Generation of PlumbersSo what should these youngsters do? One question is, do they choose university or an apprenticeship? It’s an extremely difficult decision to make, especially at just 18-years old. It really comes down to the individual, but one route many are choosing is the trade-route. Plumbing, for instance, has seen a huge influx in interest from the younger generations in recent years, thanks primarily to the amount of money in the trade

Why Choose Plumbing?

Plumbing has always been a skilled job, but today tradespeople can charge handsomely for their services. If you put the hours in, the money is there. It’s an attractive option, especially at 18 when most people are dreaming of owning cars, going on holidays with their friends, and basically living life to the fullest.

But, is there a future in plumbing? In short, yes. There will always be demand for skilled tradespeople, and plumbing has been on a rise for a few decades now. More than that, many plumbers are self-employed, so you can build up your own business and work the hours you want.

Whether you go with a company or start-up on your own, you will need to begin an apprenticeship or complete a qualification to start work as a plumber. There are opportunities for everyone, as long as dedication is evident. Apprenticeships typically last for around three years, after which you are given a qualification and a set of skills which are valued highly in such a sector.


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The only trouble is if you will be happy being a plumber during your late teens and into your early twenties when your friends are at university. There are lots of options and choices young people can choose, but at such a young age it is easy to believe the green is greener on the other side. University is not for everyone, and while it is true people often enjoy their time on campus, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are earning a good wage and, in theory, doing something you enjoy as well as obtaining work experience.

However, plumbing is no easy ride. It is often a job which demands a lot of hard work, dedication, and elbow grease, but if you are a confident, hard-working labourer with a passion to help people and earn a good amount of money while doing so, plumbing is a brilliant way to go.

Future Generation of PlumbersIf you want a sustainable job which you can control, then plumbing is an ideal career choice. Even if you decide to move on to something new in the future, your qualifications, experience, and apprenticeship will always remain with you. Think of it as another string in your bow.

Author: Thank you to Jenny Beswick and the Staunch and Flow Plumbers who contributed to this article. Staunch and Flow are a London Plumbing company who provides plumbing courses and has more information available on plumbing apprenticeships.

We at theplumbinginfo.com always appreciate content from outside the US because after all plumbers protect the health of every nation.


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