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The Vital Card


I do not typically go to bat for products like this, especially financial ones. However, when I come across a product I love that is beautiful in its simplicity and implementation I feel like I have to tell people about it. To me, it’s no different than telling the viewer about the Kohler Numi or the Hans Grohe iBox valve.

Almost all of us look for a way to build some residual income. Whether it’s buying stocks, dabbling in cryptocurrency, buying rental property or getting involved with a direct marketing company. Having passive residual income is pretty cool. When I saw the information on The Vital Card in my inbox I was hooked. I have seen similar products over the last two years and to be honest all of them have been a bit on the tedious side. The sign up was difficult, the payout was complicated and the focus and purpose was a bit disjointed.

The Vital Card smoothes out all of the above. It is the very first credit card of it’s kind and by sharing your link to your social network you can build monthly residual income when the card launched. It’s a card that pays you back instead of the banks.

Here is how it works:

The card pays 2% back on every purchase you make. 1% goes to you and the other 1% gets put in a pool of money which is distributed monthly to the cardholders. The more people that sign up for the card using your link the more money you get back at the end of the month. It is really that simple. There is no other information you have to provide to log in and follow your account other than a valid email address.  The card has so many uses I felt like my head was going to explode thinking about it.

Teen Going to College:

Let’s say you have a senior in high school that is going to college in the fall. Those kids need spending money right? If your friends sign up for the Vital Card every time they use the card they would be helping your child with each purchase. It’s going somewhere it might as well be to you.

Home Owner Repair Fund:

Maybe you’re super ambitious and you don’t have a ton of cash to improve your home or fix some of the problems that exist. You can work at getting as many sign-ups as you can to build up your network of users and you can use that money any way you want. Hopefully, you’ll spend it with your favorite neighborhood plumbing contractor.

These are but a few reasons to jump on the Vital bandwagon. Maybe you’re trying to save for retirement, or for a vacation or car, this can certainly help you do it. I always look at a few things when mulling over a product like this:

  1. Is it cool? It’s aluminum you can pick a color and it’s social. Check
  2. Does it have a purpose? I think it does. It can help the individual or a cause (you can donate your monthly cash rewards)
  3. Is it simple to sign up and track? If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this post. Add your email and watch your network and your monthly cash grow.

Check, Check and Check.

Click on the link below to start your Vital Card network.

Picture of ways to share Vital Card


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