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Home Water Filtration Systems Have Come a Long Way

Home water filtration for taste and sediment has evolved quite a bit in the last 30water filtrationyears. By and large, we in the US are fairly spoiled when it comes to clean safe drinking water however that doesn’t make it all good or safe. Culligan has been treating water for more than 65 years first by softening the water then as the company evolved by filtering. We all remember those families who had Culligan water delivered to their houses, it was pretty good stuff.

So over the years appliance manufacturers have added in-line filters to their water dispensing refrigerators. Brita has perfected water filtration pitchers, and Cuno (Aquapure) makes water filters in all shapes and sizes and for all different applications from whole house water filtration to under counter drinking water filters.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is the Best Right?

That brings us to reverse osmosis or RO waterfilters. RO filters usually used in residential applications are installed under the kitchen sink. RO filtration is accomplished using a semipermeable membrane (think Gor-Tex, the microscopic holes are big enough to let your sweat and vapor out but too small to let liquid water in) by which water can pass through but larger molecules cannot i.e. bacteria, lead, spores, salt, suspended solids etc. It is similar to membrane or cartridge filtration but it takes osmosis and turns it on its head. Osmosis is the movement of a fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a side with a low solute concentration to the side with a high solute concentration until the solution has an equal concentration on both sides. Reverse osmosis is applying pressure to the dirty water side to stop and reverse normal osmotic action squeezing the water through the semi permeable membrane.

Although RO filtration gives you crystal clear ice cubes it has quite a few drawbacks. One of which is the fact that you lose 4 gallons of water for every one you produce and that’s on the high side for a residential application. So if you are at all interested in conserving water this is not the filter for you. Even where high pressure can be achieved some of the most efficient RO systems are only producing 2 to 1. Some of the other disadvantages of using RO in your home are as follows:

  • Reverse Osmosis not only removes harmful particles like lead and other heavy metals but it removes, magnesium (helpful for muscle relaxation, blood clotting and the manufacture of ATP.)
  • Reverse Osmosis removes Iron which helps in oxygen transportation through the body.
  • Reverse Osmosis removes calcium which is an essential mineral in maintaining health bone density.
  • The evacuated waste water can contain all of the above minerals but also the lead and other potentially harmful substances striped out of the water.
  • RO tends to be acidic therefor very aggressive. It is not recommended that RO be used with galvanized or copper water piping because the water can erode the piping material.

Home Water Filtration Zuvo Style

water filtrationThere are other ways to purify water but none better or more innovative for drinking water than the Hansgrohe Drinking Water System. Hansgrohe has recently partnered with Zuvo Water LLC to offer Zuvo filtered water dispensed from a stylish Hansgrohe beverage faucet. The Zuvo filter is configured to work with Hansgrohe’s World of Styles family of trim selection.

TALIS C (C is for classic or traditional)

ALLEGRO E (E is for elegant or what Hansgrohe describes as transitional.)

TALIS S (S is for sophisticated. This is their contemporary style)

All of the above come in a variety of finishes including but not limited to chrome, brushed nickle, oil rubbed bronze.

Here is a brief description of how the product works and it’s benefits. Zuvo’s Water Filtration provides you with filtration technology on par with or better than most companies that specializing in filtered water in a space saving product no bigger than 2 litre soda bottle.. The Hansgrohe/Zuvo Water Filtration System consists of a patented 5 step process as follows:

Ozonation – Ozone is introduced to the water. What is Ozone you ask? Have you ever smelled the air after a lightning storm? Or do you have Ozone air cleaner. The smell is sort of fresh and lasts for about an hour or so, that is Ozone. We breath Oxygen or O2, Ozone is O3 which means it has three Oxygen atoms. One of the atoms is sort of loosely bound and attaches itself to organic substances like bacteria, viruses, spores. This binding causes the particle to oxidize which can be easily removed. This filtration system uses UV light to create it’s own ozone. The ozone is diffused and enters the water as ozone rich bubbles that you can see the  through the filter’s see through canister. It’s one of natures cleaners.

UV Light – UV light is introduced to eradicate any pesky microbes that weren’t taken care of in the first process.

Photo Oxidation – This is really a result of the first two processes but we’ll call it a step.water filtration The combination of the ozonation and UV light cause any particles or harmful substances to be photo oxidized into non harmful particles and that leads us to the 4th process.

Micro Filtration – The water with the oxidized particles is run through a micro filter for chlorine taste, odor, lead and particulates. This is the same type of filter that is in most traditional canister filters.

Post Filtration UV –  After all that, the water is treated once more with high intensity UV upon leaving the purifier,

Here are some of the other cool features of the Hansgrohe/Zuvo Water Filtration System.

  • You can actually see the UV filter working and if you’re a man this can make all the difference in the world. Upon activating the unit the UV light turns on and you can see the ozone bubbles swirling through the water during the photo oxidation process.
  • Ozone is converted into pure oxygen in the carbon filter.  The filtered water is therefore oxygenated for a light, clean taste.
  • As we have stated before there is a significant amount of water wasted during the RO process and the contrary no water is wasted in the Hansgrohe Water Filtration System.
  • Unlike RO systems, Hansgrohe/Zuvo Water Filter leaves beneficial minerals in the water for both health and taste.

For more information please visit Hansgrohe’s website: http://www.hansgrohe-usa.com

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