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Wellness in Bathroom Trending

Wellness in bathroom design is trending in 2014 – but what does “wellness” actually mean? And how does it apply to plumbing design?

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines wellness as a “state of being that promotes better mental and physical health.” The term was included in Gensler ‘s 2014 Design Forecast*,” cited as one of the ” top trends shaping design.” When it comes to wellness in the home, the goal should be to create restful and restorative living spaces that enhance homeowners’ health and overall wellbeing.

That brings us to the bath. According to ICM Research*, people spend an average of 70 minutes in the bathroom each day. This is not surprising, as the space is often used as a retreat from the stress of everyday life.  By focusing on individual preferences, comfort, usability and functionality, plumbing professionals can create spaces that better suit users’ needs and help create a relaxing environment.

Wellness in Bathroom

Hansgrohe Raindance Select Handshower

When considering wellness in the product sphere, finding the right faucets and fixtures, wh

ich seamlessly integrate into the space, while also enhancing overall quality of life can be a challenge. However, selecting the right plumbing models from a high quality manufacturer is a great first step. Water is a time-tested healer. So installing top-notch products, which deliver superior water performance, is the way to go. Features like multiple shower sprays; ergonomic operation and aesthetics all play a role in promoting well being in the bath and can even create a spa-like atmosphere. Hansdshowers are a great option for those looking to incorporate wellness into bathroom design, as they place the power to control water right into the hands of the user.  For example, in the case of Hansgrohe’s Raindance Select handshower, its “Select” function lets users effortlessly switch between several jet types, including the gentle Rain AIR, the massaging Caresse AIR and Mix, a combination of Rain and Caresse sprays.

Sometimes is the Simple Installs that Make a Huge Difference

Beyond products, it is important to remember that even the “micro” installation decisions affect the end user. Seemingly simple things, such as making sure the sink basin is matched with a complementarity-sized faucet, or positioning the showerhead at the right height, and at the correct angle, will ultimately have an impact on day to day life. Further, having clients not only

Wellness in Bathroom and Rain shower

Make it rain!

tell you, but actually show you their personal preferences (by having them demonstrate their typical movements in the bath) is a great way to ensure a successful end result and create a happy customer. There is nothing worse then talking about product with a customer only to find it doesn’t fit comfortably in the space or isn’t easy for the customer to use.

Whether it’s ensuring an installation placement that makes sense for the client, or including spa-worthy products, it appears the key to

wellness in the bath is thoughtfulness of the end user. A happy client ultimately leads to greater well being for the plumbing professional. Put in that context, it’s pretty clear that wellness is more than just a trend; it’s here to stay.

* Based on ICM Research’s consumer study of 4,000 people aged 18-64 across eight different markets. It was commissioned by Hansgrohe. ICM is a third party organization

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