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Toilet Blockagesclogged toilet

There isn’t a toilet that doesn’t get plugged up at some point or another. Everyone points the finger  at one another as to who caused it and everyone runs when it comes to fixing the clogged toilet.

One of the more common problems seen in commercial settings are paper towels clogging up the toilet. It seems no matter how many times people are told not to flush them they do it anyway. Believe it or not toilet paper is made to break down in a sewer line and paper towels are not. However no matter how well the toilet flushes and no matter how well the toilet paper breaks down when you use one roll per visit you’ll have a toilet that doesn’t want to flush.

Toys and bathroom trinkets are perfectly sized to get lodged in the trap way of the toilet and cell phones are so small they fit in the toilet perfectly. Oversized bathroom breaks do cause clogged toilets, but you are more likely to find one of the other items stuck in the toilet . Most blockages get caught in the the trap way and getting them out can be easy or a big project.

Removing Toilet Blockagesclogged toilet

Wheres the plunger? Many toilet blockages can be removed with a simple plunger. Take care to protect the area around the toilet with old towels or newspapers. If you are having blockages or water coming up in any other fixtures such as a tub or shower you probably need a sewer rodding.

There has to be some water in the toilet for a plunger to work, but if it is filled to the rim it is important to remove some water. Raise the toilet seat before you begin doing anything with the toilet (one less thing to clean). Start plunging in an up and down motion remembering both the up and down are equally important. It may take a little force to get things moving. If this did not work the next tool to try will be a closet auger. Closet/Toilet augers or toilet snakes are specifically made for toilets and are available at home centers for 20 to 50 dollars. Set the cable into the toilet and slowly twist the handle while forcing the auger deeper into the toilet. You will meet some resistance but it is important to sensibly force the auger through. Once the auger is all the way in try to remove the auger by holding the the lead tube and pull the handle in a quick motion. If something was caught on the auger this action will help pull the item out. Give the toilet a test flush. If it is not flushing properly repeat until it flushes properly. Sometimes the item stuck in the toilet is so lodged in the toilet the only way to fix it is by removing the toilet. Please see installing toilet for further information.

Tools Needed to Fix Clogged Toilet

  • Plunger
  • Rags
  • Newspaper or old towel
  • Toilet Auger or Toilet Snake

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