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Whether you are a tenant who has just rented out a property, or you are a landlord renting out your home for the first time, you may be unsure about who is responsible for plumbing repairs should they occur. A plumbing issue could happen at any time, and it’s something that people are faced with daily. So it’s important to know who is going to be picking up the bill.

Include Plumbing Repairs in Setting up a Contract

Plumbing repairs in rental propertyBefore you rent out your home make sure you consult a real estate agency such as hertsinventories.co.uk, a lawyer, or a maintenance company regarding this and make sure it’s clearly stated in the contract. You will need to have it written down clearly to define who is responsible for repairs and how they will be paid for. The best thing you can do as both a landlord and a tenant is to discuss, and agree on this before moving in. That way if anything comes up both parties will know who is responsible for what.

Moving in Checks

If you are renting your home out to tenants as a landlord it’s important that you look into all the plumbing work before having people move in. If you are unsure if something is safe then it’s advisable to get a plumber in to check everything before letting the home. If you are a tenant moving into a property you should also look for any obvious problems before you sign a contract. Look for signs of damp walls or piping problems, which may lead to longer term issues.

Common Problems – Blocked Toilets

Plumbing repairsOne of the biggest pluming problems that tenants are faced with is blocked or flooded toilets. This ultimately comes down to the tenant’s responsibility. Since it normally occurs when they place something down the toilet which was not supposed to go there. There may also be damage done to the toilet buttons, or flush devices which will also come down to the tenant’s responsibility. If the toilet for any reason needs to be replaced entirely, this can be costly to repair, and depending on the age of the bathroom the landlord may agree to split the cost for a new toilet.

Common Problems – Leaking Toilets

Another common problem that can lead to expensive water bills is a leaking toilet. Normally this is easy to spot but sometimes not reported until too late and can end up costing both the tenant and landlord a hefty water bill. It’s important to look at the reasons as to how the leak began as to determine who is going to pay for it. The landlord should cover the cost of a broken and leaking toilet however it’s the tenant’s responsibility to report it as soon as possible to avoid paying a large water bill.

The responsibility of plumbing costs really comes down to who started the problem and what is stated in your rental contract so make sure to check this before moving into, or renting out, a rental property.

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