15 Awful DIY Plumbing Disasters



There?s no doubt that taking the lesser traveled DIY path usually saves a ton of money on household projects, whether they be small fixer-uppers or large retiling jobs. Sometimes, however, it?s just better to call the damn plumber; they have the job for a reason. While DIY sounds awesome on paper, it doesn?t always look ? or work ? too great when the washer is shaking across the kitchen floor and the new makeshift pipes burst to flood the whole room.

Kicking things off with a general DIY construction disasters seems like a great idea ? even though some of the clips date all the way back to ancient ?89, watching a guy get hit in the nuts from stepping on his own shovel never gets old. Neither does people falling through collapsing roofs or being knocked off ladders by airborne tree branches. How many of these people were actually seriously injured, only to have their video clips cut up in a humorous manner so the rest of us could laugh at their expense? It doesn?t matter. The point is: the guy getting shot in the face with raw sewage probably had it the worst out of all of them.

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It must be somewhat easy for a wife to forgive her husband after he takes on all the responsibility of learning how to do a major overhaul in the house, proceeds onto an attempted fixing, and botches the whole operation. At least he tried, right? And besides, the job was so big that it would be almost impossible for a beginner not to make a mistake. On that note, it must be nearly impossible for a wife to forgive ? or understand ? her husband after he builds an elaborate scrapyard contraption to replace a piece of piping which could?ve been bought at the local hardware store? Especially if the job is so bad that the bathtub eventually replaces the kitchen sink for the dishwashing area. A simple P-Trap pipe, which costs just under $100, doesn?t resemble an old Milk Chug can tied to a doorknob with electrical cord at all. At all. Not even a little bit. The purpose of this mysterious invention is still unknown, since it certainly didn?t work like a proper P-Trap, either.

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This aspiring plumber had a stroke of genius when his wife complained that the hot water wasn?t working in their house. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on a scheming old plumber who would actually fix the problem, some knob took it upon himself to build a half-assed and inefficient method of obtaining heater water himself. Using a kettle with a homemade spout and a water bottle tipped at just the right angle, the wanna be plumber jammed the uncooperative cold-water-only pipe into the bottle and left it dangling artfully over the hot water ?heater?. Besides looking like something out of a crack house, there are a few practical issues with this job:
You can only wash your hands for about five seconds before the water runs out.
You have to be really careful how long you leave that water in the kettle for. The idea is to wash the dirt off, not the skin.

The triumph of successfully fixing the kitchen sink at your small business is a large and rewarding one. Congratulations, you?ve just saved a couple hundred dollars while managing to avoid causing a couple thousand in damages to the pipes, walls, and whatever else the job required you to touch with your bumbling nerd hands. Now all that?s left is turning on the faucet. All the tedious, strenuous hours of work will be wrapped up with a feeling of pride and self sufficiency at this very moment?.FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Remember having to poop in school and not wanting to because the bathrooms were public, unfamiliar, filthy hovels? Imagine your own personal bathroom being like that, sans the public part. Timbo Colquhoun was quite surprised when visiting his client?s home to finish remodeling the bathroom. The client, apparently a once-determined man, had begun trying to revamp his entire bathroom DIY style. Unfortunately, getting excited about a job while reading a billion how-to?s is vastly different from actually putting in the daily and physical labor it requires to actually complete the job (and successfully so). That?s when Colquhoun, a real plumber, came in ? and found the guy?s toilet to be the only remaining part of his bathroom. The thing was suspended a few feet in the air and was surprisingly functional. Let?s just hope the guy didn?t have kids? Climbing up on that thing while drunk in the middle of the night sounds like an awful task, but trying to get a four-year-old to aim into it would be pretty much impossible.

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