Getting To Know 5 Kinds of Hose Bibs



Different Hose Bibs for Different Uses

The first thing that would probably come to your mind when we talk about hose bibs are those threaded faucets installed outside your house where you fasten your garden hose. But if you survey the different hose bibs in your home, you will discover that they do not all look alike? That is because they serve different functions, thus, they also vary in kind. Being familiar with the various kinds of hose bibs is important so that when one conks out or when you need to install a new one, you would know which kind to investigate about. The following are the various kinds.

The frost-free attribute of this type of hose bib make it widely used among homes located in colder places that usually experience below zero freezing weather conditions. You can often find these hose bibs on the external spigot. Its design eliminates the need to switch off the water to the spigot during the winter season. Using a hose bib that is not frost-free in such cold places may cause it to gush as the water freezes in the spigot, eventually causing damage to that particular pipe line.

This type of hose bib features a loose key, which can be detached every time the hose bib is not in use. With this feature, you can manage who is able to use the hose bib. A person who does not have the loose key, which is just the handle of the hose bib, will not be able to turn the water on or off.

You can commonly find this type of hose bib in water heaters. This type lets you empty the water tank should you need to clean, repair or replace it. It is very convenient to operate. You can also easily dismantle it by turning it clockwise and jerk it a bit.

Another kind of hose bib that is used in water heaters is this knobbed version. Just like the round plastic type, it enables you to easily drain the water when you need to. Unfastening this type of hose bib requires a pipe wrench.

When everything is smoothly up and running, we tend to take for granted what hose bibs are, or their different types. However, as homeowners, we need to familiarize ourselves with them so that when something needs to be replaced, you will know which type of research about.

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